NSCN: IM on killing of Chunthuigai Kamei

Tamenglong, Sep 17: Aduan Pamei, CAO, Zeilad Zeliangrong Region, GPRN (NSCN: IM) has stated that paying due homage and respect to the departed soul of Late Chunthuigai Kamei, State Secretary ZSUM deemed fit for one who rendered his priceless service during his short span of life for the welfare of the student community, the future pillar of the Nation.

Upholding the unanimous resolutions adopted by the Public Convention held at Noney on 26 August 2012 and further endorsed by the follow up convention at Tamenglong on 31 August, 2012, the CAO said, “The tears of his near and dear ones are still flowing and yet to run dry and it shall remain to be so for quite some time to come.”

He said the effect and aftershock caused by such brutality carried out by trigger- happy Khaplang’ boys beyond any human standard shall run deep into the hearts and veins of one and all who heard and saw the way Chunthuigai Kamei fell with raised hands in his last but fruitless effort in defense of his innocent on that fateful day 17th August 2012 last at Nungkao village.

The Zeilad Zeliangrong Region is going to check and dealt with seriously to any individual party/ association/ organization/ group who dare to defy and disown such unanimous resolutions adopted and passed by the Public Convention, the CAO said, and sought the cooperation and support of one and all concerned.

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