NSCN (I-M) rejects Metropolitan Oil & Gas Pvt. Ltd

Dimapur, July 20: NSCN (I-M) through its secretary, ministry of mines and minerals Ng.Jacob, in response to a letter from Director MOGPL on July 8,2014 has rejected the award of “prospecting license” to the MOGPL in a letter dated July 9,2014. 

The letter informed the Director MOGPL that the NSCN (I-M) ministry of mines and minerals, after going through the contents found “some unsatisfactory core points” and related statements as per media reports.
In his letter, Ng. Jacob leveled complains against MOGPL being awarded permit by the Nagaland also cited reports in several dailies where many associations and unions Ministerial Group. He said the complains were based on factors where MOGPL’s shareholders-M/s Cals Refineries Ltd., M/s SRM Exploration Pvt.Ltd., M/s Spice Engery Ltd. and the Rastogis (individuals) share a common address and director with some firms under court litigation.
He said till date (July 9), MOGPL has failed to provide any clarification in support of the company’s position which “directly or indirectly” showed the company’s vulnerability of competency values before the eyes of the common people.
Even in the agreement, MOGPL had to ensure cordial relation with the state government, the landowners, the village councils and the hohos, said the letter.
Jacob also cited that the NPNG Board stated that MOGPL have an undertaking that it had no direct or indirect association with any company banned by tribal bodies or suspended by the government of Nagaland.
In this regard, he said it was pertinent that MOGPL clear its position and refute the allegations before undertaking any commitments between NSCN/GPRN and MOGPL. He also asserted that NSCN/GPRN has strong public base and it would not “do anything” without the knowledge if the public.
In the light of the above, Ng. Jacob said NSCN (I-M) could not issue the “prospecting license” until all complaints were comprehensively refuted.
He also added that “due to time factor”, the ministry of mines and minerals would be compelled to issue the license to any competent company following “proper legal framework and guidelines” according to questionnaire laid down at any time.
The copy of the letter has also been forwarded to the NSCN (I-M) kilonser for mines and minerals for necessary action; the state cabinet secretary for necessary information; presidents of Kyong Hoho, Kyong Students’ Union, LLO & MBZA, Tssori and Changpang landowners union.

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