NSCN for joint action against crime

DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 6: The NSCN/GPRN has stated that with the three political groups coming together to defend the historical and political rights of the Nagas it was time the three groups also come together in a coordinated manner and run down on these social evils with a heavy hand. “Every conceivable means with the active support of the public be explored to make a success against the criminals who have gone
too far”, stated a press note from the MIP. The NSCN/GPRN was referring to the anti-social elements that loom at large in Dimapur and terming this as a “matter of serious concern”. In this regard it has suggested that “the designated agency/department of each group dealing in crime show up in action to shoulder greater responsibility in controlling crimes, particularly in Dimapur”.

“The fact they are making their hey days in this commercial hub of Nagaland to make easy money and crime of all sorts are committed cannot be set aside without doing some serious crackdown lest the very gain made in the political level is driven to the point of hard earn peace lost in the hands of criminals”, stated the MIP note while suggesting that the three political groups come together and “run down on these social evils with a heavy hands”.

Stating that the public must be fed up to hear of kidnapping, rape, molestation, extortion by individuals, theft of all kinds, the MIP note pointed
out that it was time that “we awaken ourselves to face the reality and at least show our face to the public that as much as we are serious in pursuing the political interest of the Nagas we show equal seriousness in dealing with the crime and help do away the notoriety the Dimapur has earned in recent past”. “No doubt other places wherever crime exists should also be handled in the same manner. But the intensity of crime in Dimapur has gone beyond tolerance. People’s faith in Naga political groups is losing and this must be retrieved by doing something beyond people’s expectation”, stated the MIP.

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