NSCN blames Ibobi for apathy

Chandel, Jan, 19: NSCN on Saturday said Ibobi Singh led Manipur government has deprived them of the privilege of getting 3% of every fund meant for the people of Manipur both hill and valley and alleged the government for granting the same to the valley based revolutionary armed groups in fact and figure.

A press communiqué issued by Col S John, General Accounts Officer of the general head quarter Naga Army talks of Ibobi Singh putting in the picture of Manipur government’s weak position to pay 3% to NSCN on account of the government of India and NSCN holding political peace talk as a separate entity. NSCN maintained itself of having authority to collect taxes by themselves being a separate entity and every right to function of its own government and authority over its land, resources, and developmental works.

Referring to the press statements issued on 22/09/2013 and 18/11/2013 NSCN further stated that it has no intention to hamper the developmental activities of tribal areas but has to be made clear that anyone taking up contract work without obtaining their recommendation or endorsement shall be doing at their own risk. Recommendations issued to competent contractors for undertaking any kind of work in the tribal areas shall be strictly implemented at all cost. It is also stated that any competent tribal who is intending to undertake contract work in tribal areas must obtain prior recommendation from the competent authority.


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