NPC reaffirms Naga stand

DIMAPUR, JUL 1 : The 3rd Naga Peoples’ Convention (NPC) held at Tahamzam in Senapati on Thursday, July 1, has reaffirmed and reiterated that the Nagas will sever all political ties with the Government of Manipur (GOM) while also declaring a total political non-cooperation movement against it (GOM).

Held under the aegis of the United Naga Council (UNC), a statement issued by the Council today said the 3rd NPC was called against the backdrop of the continued and persistent denial of the rights of Nagas in the present state of Manipur and in the face of recent events which has created a war-like situation in Naga areas.
Over 2000 Nagas from all Naga areas congregated at the venue where the UNC president, in his address, pointed out the extraordinary circumstances which had compelled the convening of such a Convention. He referred to the recently imposed ADC election and subsequent rejection by the Naga people while stating that the struggle for securing the rights of the people must be resolutely continued till the goal is attained.
He also reiterated the Naga people’s support for the struggle of all communities for their right to self-determination, including the Meiteis, and in fighting for the recognition and respect of their identities and ownership over their lands, institutions and traditional practices to ensure the emergence of a sustainable and viable relationship among all communities.
Thursday’s Convention adopted a 5-point declaration stating that the Nagas in the present state of Manipur have established their position based upon the ‘unmistakable fact that it is impossible to protect our right to life, land, time-honoured institutions, customary practice and values’ under the administration of the Government of Manipur.
The declaration states that the Nagas will sever all political ties with the Government of Manipur, and henceforth there shall be a total political non-cooperation movement against it while also reaffirming that the imposed ADC election is declared ‘null & void’ and under no circumstances shall the district councils be allowed to function in the Naga areas.
With the severance of ties, it reiterated that the vacuum in governance and administration created must be filled with an alternative arrangement by the Government of India in consultation with the Naga people at the earliest. Further, it empowered the UNC to constitute a committee of members with expertise and experience, drawn from the Naga community, for pursuing the establishment of an alternative arrangement with clearly defined terms of reference.
The declaration also urged the GoI to exercise its political will to bring an honourable and acceptable settlement of the Indo-Naga issue at the earliest.
It was informed that the principles of the declaration would guide all future actions and policies of the UNC.

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