Notice to Delhi on Alternative Arrangement

Imphal | October 13 : The United Naga Council (UNC) has begun its mobilization in ‘Naga areas’ in Manipur regarding the ‘Alternative Arrangement’ while asking the Nagas to remain prepared for any eventuality after October 19. Sources informed Newmai News Network tonight that under the aegis of the UNC the Naga leaders held its meeting in Chandel district headquarters on October 12 and similar meeting was held in Ukhrul district on October 13. The sources said 20 days time have been given to the government of India to fulfill the demand for the ‘Alternative Arrangement’ for the Nagas in Manipur.

“We are mobilizing in Naga areas asking them to remain prepared to face any eventuality if our demand is not met by October 19,” said the sources. It is worth noting that on October 3 last, the United Naga Council (UNC) had threatened to agitate in the manner it had violently resorted last year if the demand for the ‘alternative arrangement’ outside the government of Manipur is not done within 20 days counting from September 29.
The UNC said it had communicated with New Delhi on September 29 in connection with the ‘alternative arrangement’ for the Nagas in Manipur.  It had also said the situation in the present state of Manipur, it had been reiterated, is fragile, sensitive and delicate with grave potential for communal confrontation and violence which could possibly lead to catastrophic consequences.
The UNC added that the democratic process of tripartite talk had kept in check the injured sentiments of the Nagas in Manipur with the expectation of a peaceful negotiation. But now the Nagas are of the considered view that nothing positive can come out of the tripartite talk. But the suppression and exploitation of the Nagas in particular and the tribals in general by the communal government of Manipur cannot be allowed to continue any further, the Naga body stated.

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