NE Rebel groups call strike on R-Day

IMPHAL, Jan 21: As done every year, different insurgent groups of the North Eastern region have collectively decided to boycott the Republic Day celebration on January 26 by observing a general strike all over the region from 1 am to 5 pm.

The general strike shall cover all forms of transportation, movement of all kinds of vehicles, all forms of entertainment including cinema and theatre shows and all activities of trade and commerce. However, the media, medical services and religious ceremonies shall be kept outside the purview of the general strike, conveyed a joint press release issued by CorCom, HNLC, KLO, NDFB, NLFT and ULFA.

India’s Republic Day which is celebrated on 26 January every year is the day Indian Constitution is imposed on the Peoples of Western South East Asia (WSEA) so as to legalize their alleged colonial occupation of the region.

“The Indian colonial regime which is trying to suppress the legitimate rights of our people, the right to national self-determination, has degraded the lives of our people by trampling even the basic human right-the right to life, under the boots of Indian Occupational Forces.

“And for the past 64 years since its imposition, it has cunningly plotted to undermine the basic unity of the region by fragmenting the region along ethnic lines as part of their colonial policy of “Divide and Rule” so that the Indian rule could not be uprooted from our region”, said the joint statement. Stating that the Indian military campaign to suppress legitimate liberation struggles can never succeed, the armed opposition groups pledged that they would fight to the last to regain the lost sovereignty and independence.

They also called upon all the freedom loving peoples as well as patriotic organizations of the region to support and observe the general strike.

“Let us not forget that under the Indian colonial occupation and future for all our peoples of this region is doomed. We have to fight Indian colonial Rule to regain our sovereignty and independence so that we can survive and exist with dignity as a distinct people. This fight against India is the only means for our survival”, they asserted.


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