Nagas rally for early solution

 DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 24 (MExN): Nagas in Delhi under the aegis of Naga Peace Facilitation Committee, Delhi (NPFCD) today staged a mass Remonstration Rally peacefully at Jantar Mantar at 2 PM. The mass Remonstration Rally was held in the backdrop of the long drawn out Indo-Naga Political Dialogues of the past more than 14 years. The main demand of the rally was to impress upon the Government of India to accelerate the bilateral political dialogue to bring about a viable solution within a specific time-framed period based on the “Uniqueness of the Naga History”.

The rally was successfully organized with the participation of the whole Naga communities in Delhi and in a united move as a family belonging to the same national identity, informed a press note issued by Boveio Poukai Duo, Moba Langphong and Akumdong Jamir, Convenors of the NPFCD. It was also informed that Indian civil societies, media houses and various solidarity groups participated to show their support for the cause of the Nagas. It was estimated that over 2000 people took part in the mass Remonstration Rally.

Some of the prominent slogans written on the banners and placards included, “Accelerate the Bilateral Political Dialogues for Solution within a specific time-framed Period”, “Withdraw the Imposition of Conditions on the Collective Leadership”, “Stop Criminalising Naga National Movement”,

…“We condemn the arrest and detaining of Ningkhan Shimray”, “MHA has no right to interfere in Indo-Naga issue”, “NIA-Stop Projecting the Nagas as terrorist” “Stop Dividing the Nagas” “Nagas will never accept any Imposition”, “Nagalim is our birthright”, etc. “This has sent out a strong message that Nagas will never compromise with their historical and political rights”, stated the press note.

The public meeting was moderated by Mr Shomi Brian, a Scholar from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). Mr. Moba Langphongg gave the welcome address to the public. Harish Chandola, a senior Journalist, Sai Baba of the Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF), Ritupan of the Democratic Students’ Union (DSU), R. Vashum, President, Naga Scholars’ Association (NSA), Tera Varethan, Co-convenor of Naga People’s Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR), Delhi Sector, Joshua Thong, Advisor to Naga Students’ Union, Delhi and Jeremiah Duomai, a senior member of the Naga Students’ Union, Delhi gave solidarity speeches during the public meeting. Mr. Boveio Poukai Duo gave the vote of thanks.

The public meeting ended with a positive hope and prayer that the Government of India will take seriously of the concern shown by the Nagas in Delhi in its engagement politically with the Nagas to fructify an early solution to the conflict within a specific time-framed period without resorting to further delay of the peace process.

‘Speed up solution based on uniqueness of Naga history’

The Naga Peace Facilitation Committee, Delhi (NPFCD) today submitted a two page memorandum to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in reiteration of the demands of the Nagas in Delhi for fruitful solution at the earliest. The Government of India has been told to take necessary steps to speed up the bilateral dialogue to bring about a meaningful political solution based on the Uniqueness of the Naga History. This uniqueness is the only foundational basis on which a solution should be sought, stated the memorandum.

The Prime Minister was also told that putting unnecessary restrictions and conditions on the movements of the Naga leaders violated the three primary principles on which Indo-Naga political dialogue has started, and that, GOI should adhere to the abovementioned principles in letter and spirit. It also sought for an early fructification of the peace process to end one of the longest conflicts in the world and called for a meaningful and honourable political solution.



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