Naga groups sign “Lenten Agreement”

In a major step towards Naga reconciliation, three Naga political groups – NSCN/GPRN, GPRN/NSCN and NNC/FGN, have signed an pact and agreed “in principle to form the Naga National Government (NNG)”.

The agreement was igned after two days of hectic discussion between leaders of the three groups organized by the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR). The agreement was signed by six top leaders of the three groups. “As agreed in the Naga Concordant signed on August 26, 2011, they have agreed “in principle to form the Naga National Government (NNG),” the agreement, which is aimed at reducing the hostilities between the groups, stated.

The signatories to the ‘Lenten Agreement’ included- NSCN/GPRN chairman Isak Chishi Swu and general secretary Th. Muivah; GPRN/NSCN president ‘Gen’ Khole Konyak and N. Kitovi Zhimomi; NNC/FGN president ‘Brig’ (Rtd) S. Singnya and Zhopra Vero (NNC/FGN).

The opening lines of the agreement read: “having reconciled on the basis of the historical and political rights of the Nagas, we recognize that all Nagas must unite in the common purpose towards achieving out Naga political aspirations.”

In the agreement, the signatories stated they have committed to move forward together by “condemning the past historical mistakes committed at various stages of our history.” “We also take inspiration in the positive political steps that have sustained and strengthened the Naga movement,” the agreement stated. The signatories said “having reconciled in the spirit of forgiveness and mutual respect,” they were committed to overcoming their mistakes, while also recognizing and uplifting their “achievements and contributions made at various stages of our political history, a stepping stone towards the common Naga future.”

Forum for Naga Reconciliation convenor Dr. Rev. Wati Aier described the two-day deliberation as the “best so far in the Naga reconciliation process.” Rev. Wati said he was “personally very happy” with the outcome and exuded confidence that the agreement would push forward the ongoing reconciliation effort.

He said the top leaders “honestly” expressed views on unsettled issues in the course of the meeting. The leaders also clarified “doubts and suspicions” and agreed that it has been the best of meetings, said Dr. Wati. He said the leaders felt the need for issuing a public statement so that the Naga 1 were informed and that was how the Lenten Agreement was drafted and signed.

On the formation of Naga National Government, the signatories resolved to work together with the common purpose to achieve the “Naga political aspirations” and reaffirmed to begin the task at the earliest and without delay.

The signatories requested FNR to work out modalities for expediting the process. While the task was being carried out, the agreement called for “the maintenance of status quo, by vigilantly refraining from any unwarranted activities by the Nagas.”

The signatories also maintained that in the spirit of Naga unity, they remained open to other Naga groups who were committed to the Naga reconciliation process and agree to abide and uphold its aim and purposes.


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