Naga forum bats for harmony

Naga forum bats for harmony
Kohima, Feb. 8: The Forum for Naga Reconciliation which is brokering peace and reconciliation among various rebel groups has sought a solution to the political problem based on “historical and political rights of the Nagas”.
Rev. Wati Aier, convenor of the forum which organised a public meeting at Zunheboto town last evening, said: “One of the fundamental truths of the Nagas today is the call for political reconciliation in pursuit of common interest based on the historical and political rights of the Nagas.
“Each country has its uniqueness and as such, what may function politically in one country may not be suitable for another country. Therefore, a Naga political model should be envisaged and discussed,” he said.
Aier said Naga political groups are “self-governing in its own right” but now, Nagas need to think of a government that would combine the strength of every political group.
“Reconciliation implies a new Nagahood. For this, our leaders have pledged themselves before God and the Naga people. We applaud their commitment and sincerity,” he added.
“We must bury many unrealistic hopes which were set in motion by the imagination of our hearts and the self-made myths enslaving us. In the process, our noble cause is broken. The life of the Naga nation is oppressed by division of our own making. The divided world, appeasement and imagination of our makings are no means of reconciliation,” Rev. Aier said.
“The scheme of the divided Nagas has eaten very deeply into our thoughts and feelings. It is our own anxiety which has taught us to hate the opponent. Remember the person who preaches hate has always anxiety. Today, Nagas must resolve not to let this happen among us,” he said.
Since January, the forum has been touring all Naga-inhabited areas. It is currently in Zunheboto, home district of Isak Chishi Swu, the chairman of National Socialist Council of Nagalim (Isak-Muivah) and N. Kitovi Zhimomi, general secretary of the NSCN (Khaplang).
The forum has organised public meetings at Senapati and Ukhrul in Manipur along with representatives of all the NSCN groups and the Naga National Council.
The NSCN (I-M), however, has strongly opposed peace talks between the Centre and other Naga rebel groups.
Muivah and other senior leaders of the outfit categorically stated that Naga reconciliation process would continue but Delhi should not initiate any peace process with other groups.

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