Muivah calls for reconciliation among Nagas

Muivah calls for reconciliation among Nagas
Chizokho Vero
Jotsoma | June 16 : Reaching Jotsoma this afternoon from Pfutsero in Phek district, NSCN/GPRN General Secretary Th. Muivah reiterated the need for reconciliation among the Nagas “because Nagas cannot fail to understand each other.” Interacting with media persons here after a brief public address at Jotsoma Council Hall, Muivah said that for those people who claim to have love for nation they must always try to understand their people.” “And now I feel that this is the necessity behind our coming here because we are in search of understanding amongst the Naga people,” Muivah said adding that Jotsoma is an important village. “We have respect for them, they have a proud history and we are proud of them.”
On being asked on his next destination, Muivah said it was not yet decided but expressed hope that he would continue his journey. On the opposition from rivals, Muivah said “It shows that they don’t understand the necessity the Naga people are facing. It is time for every Nagas to seek understanding of our time today”, Muivah said and added that “we can even go and have talks with them to understand the issue before the Nagas that is expected from any sensible Nagas.”
On being asked of the possibility to have highest level talks on reconciliation, Muivah said “We don’t rule out the possibility because we are committed to reconciliation among the Nagas and I think that is the necessity of our time today.” He said that they were prepared to meet Khaplang and Khole. He said “Mr. Khaplang has officially committed to finding reconciliation so we have to meet them first not the others.” On being asked whether there was road block in the process of reconciliation, Muivah said “No, there is no road block” and that sometimes there is “negative attitude towards reconciliation, but it is not at all from our side” adding that in the name of Lord and savior Jesus Christ they have proclaimed that there should be reconciliation among Naga, in spite of the past. “We believe that it is high time that Nagas should understand each other,” he said.
Asked about his visit to Somdal, Muivah said that was the original plan, “and of course the plan is never cancelled. Why because I have the liberty, the right to go and see my people,” adding “we have the intention to talk, about the necessity of bringing about peaceful solution and we have to make our people clear about it. But unfortunately from the other side, unexpectedly or unwisely, they created situation which is adverse to us and in the final analysis to them also.”

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