MPP to sue NPF’s Constitution

IMPHAL, Oct 14 : Questioning how the Election Commission of India granted recognition to Naga People’s Front (NPF), whose primary objective is integration of Naga inhabited areas under a common administrative roof, veteran politician O Joy has declared that the Manipur People’s Party (MPP) would challenge the NPF’s constitution in the law Court.

Speaking to media persons today, MPP Legislature Wing leader O Joy noted the NPF’s decision to field their candidates in the 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly elections.

The NPF set up in 2005 exclusively for Nagas petitioned to the Election Commission of India in 2009 to amend its constitution by inserting the words ‘any citizen of India’ but the Election Commission has not yet given its approval, O Joy stated.

Questioning as to how the ECI gave recognition to the NPF whose primary objective is integration of Naga inhabited areas under a single administrative roof, Joy said that he would write to the ECI and enquire under what conditions the NPF’s stated objectives were given consent.

The constitution of NPF which has been openly campaigning to send its representatives to the Manipur Legislative Assembly with the agenda of breaking up Manipur would be challenged in law court, he stated.

The campaign to carve out Naga inhabited areas of Manipur to form greater Nagaland is a direct challenge to the people of Manipur.

Joy further appealed to all the people to stay away from NPF.

Stating that bifurcation of a State or re-demarcation of State boundaries can be done by the Parliament and the State Assembly as per Article 3 of the Indian Constitution, the veteran MLA cautioned that post-election politics would be turbulent if NPF succeeds in sending its representatives to the Manipur Legislative Assembly.

On being enquired about the Chief Minister’s declaration not to give any Cabinet post to opposition members, Joy remarked that  it was unbecoming for a Chief Minister to make such statements.

Whether an opposition members gets Cabinet post or nor depends on his/her capabilities and efforts, he added.

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