Modi says Indira Gandhi tried to dismember Northeast


Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi has said that former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi tried to dismember Northeastern states from the country for vote bank politics.

Speaking at an award function in Mumbai, Modi also questioned Gandhi’s credential as a secular leader of the country.

“Indira Gandhi had committed a big sin, I will just speak of one as she committed many of them. Known for her secular inclination, when she was contesting polls in Northeast, Congress Party mentioned in their manifesto that said if they win, then they would bring in a rule synonymous to that in the Bible.

Can you imagine that if such is the stance while you are running the country then separatist forces would be at such a high advantage back then no one questioned her secularism,” said Modi.

Modi further trained his guns on Nehru-Gandhi family by alleging that they have tried to distort history to their benefit and worked towards camouflaging the importance due to Northeastern states.

“Events related to patriotism should have found more exposure and people should have been made aware of such inspirational personalities so that the young generation could draw immense motivation,” he said.

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