MHA, MEA lock horns over EU envoys’ visit to Nagaland

 Gautam Debroy, New Delhi (May 14): The visit of an eight-member European Union (EU) delegation to Nagaland has brought both the Ministry of External and Home Affairs (MEA) in confrontation with each other.

Taking a strong note of the three-day-long visit, the MHA on Monday shot off a letter t o the MEA claiming it was not informed of the EU delegation’s visit to the Northeastern states.

“Neither Home Ministry nor the Intelligence Bureau had any knowledge of the trip. No security clearance was obtained for the same, which is necessary in case of any delegation visiting a Northeastern state,” said a home ministry official quoting the contents of the letter.

The ambassadors of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Slovak Republic, Germany, headed by Joao Cravinho of the European Union (EU) are on a three-day visit to Nagaland from May 13.

Although the visit is described as a familiarisation trip, the diplomats reportedly met political leaders in t he state drawing objection from the North block.

The MEA which gave the permission to the group of ambassadors to visit Nagaland, according to the official, has now been asked why the delegation met politicians and some particular individuals including members of NGOs as it was not a part of their agenda.

On the other hand, the MEA official maintained that the ministry has IB and state government’s clearance for the delegation. “A letter was also written to MHA informing of the visit,” the official said.

According to the reports, the delegation was expected t o explore investment opportunities in Nagaland as part of the ongoing efforts to enhance India-EU relations across various fields. “EU ambassadors of 7 countries and the ambassador in Delhi had applied to the MEA for this particular mission and they had got the permission, that’s how they traveled,” the EU spokespers on added.


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