Message to the Naga People

Naga people have been destined to live together as a nation for the glory of God. Unity and integrity of Nagalim is the will of God.
Naga Reconciliation is a call from God. I would, therefore, request all the Naga people to answer the call of Christ for His glory.
The Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagalim is sincerely committed to Naga Reconciliation as we have solemnly proclaimed it on 13th January 2007. We will leave no stone unturned to find forgiveness and reconciliation in Christ for the blessing of our people today and tomorrow.
There is a right time for everything, and now is that right time for the Nagas to be reconciled with one another. But the enemy as well as the devil do not like to see the Nagas coming together for their common future. Therefore, we must stand firm together on the side of God and on the side of Nagalim, because we cannot afford to miss this opportunity. Those who waver or doubt themselves for this historic reconciliation will regret the most in future.
I further assure you all that we, the Collective Leadership, Th.Muivah and I are sincerely committed to the reconciliation process and we shall stand as one for the righteous cause of our nation to the end. May the good God bless and guide our General Secretary Th. Muivah as he continues the journey of peace and reconciliation to all parts of Nagalim.
I, therefore, urge all the Naga people to fully commit to the process of Reconciliation in Christ for the sake of peace, unity and integrity of Nagalim.
God bless the Nagas!
God bless all the peace makers!

Isak Chishi Swu

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