Message to the Chakhesang people

General Secretary
Message to the Chakhesang people
Various pressing issues that confront the Nagas entail an urgent need for an open and honest dialogue amongst us. We have come to your land to have a better understanding because the time has come for us to decide our future together again.
The contribution of the Chakhesang people to the national cause is undoubtedly unique. I can assure you of this fact from my personal testimony. Your people from every nook and cranny of your land gave us protection and sustained us during the hard days of our struggle. Not even a single day we went hungry and not even a single village failed us. Why I am here today bears testimony to your sincerity and honesty towards the Naga cause.
When the history of the world was turning and the imperialist forces were retreating the decisions taken by our elders and leaders in the Naga National Council were firm and right. The 1929 memorandum to the Simon Commission, the 1951 plebiscite, August 14, 1947 declaration of Naga independence and other national decision determined the course of our history. Our right of self-determination was salvaged by these historical decisions. Today, we have entered into peaceful political negotiation with the Government of India on three agreed foundation: at the highest level, without pre-condition and outside India in a third country. Afterward, the GOI recognized the unique history and situation of our people in the Amsterdam joint Communiqué on July 11, 2002. Our commitment to the historic national decision shall remain firm to the last.
On behalf of the National Socialist Council of Nagalim I extend my deep appreciation to the Chakhesang people under the leadership of the Chakhesang Public Organization for the warmth and openness with which you have welcomed me and my team in your beautiful Pfutsero town. Let us strife together for our cause and reconciliation will come in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
We will accept only an honourable and negotiated political settlement and in the event of final political settlement we will seek your understanding and we will come to you. I once again remind you all that sovereignty of our people belongs to our people alone.
May God bless you. Kuknalim.
Pfutsero : June 15, 2010. Th. Muivah

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