Mao Gate: A Bullet’s Anatomy

Mao Gate: A Bullet’s Anatomy
Dimapur, June 10 (MExN): The post-mortem report on one of the two students shot dead on May 6 by Manipur police forces at Mao Gate in the Nagaland-Manipur suggests that the police may have opened fire when the protestors were fleeing. A copy of the post-mortem report of Senapati police on one of the two students, Loshuo Mao, was received here today.
The report indicated that Loshuo, a BA student, was shot, twice, from behind. The diagram showed that the victim’s body bore two possibly bullet wounds (the handwritten remarks on the copy-stated report was not completely legible). The first injury was shown to be on the back of the victim’s right arm and which exited from the forearm. The entry was about 1cm and the exit wound was remarked at “4’5 x 4’5”. The second injury was underneath the victim’s armpit or around the rear of the victim’s right ribs (the diagram was hand-drawn). The entry wound was listed the size of 1cm and exited from the left chest/ upper chest areas of the victim. The dimension and passage of the bullet wound , if going by the diagram, suggests that the shooter faced the victim’s right-side. The bullet ‘injured’ the victim’s lungs and the heart.
Also, the diagram pointed to the possibility that that the victim was in an elevated position when he was shot or that the shooter was in a symmetrically lowered position perhaps (such as squatting or on one knee). The victim’s anatomical diagram also showed a 4×4 size bruise right at the throat, just above the exit wound on the chest. The report said the date of examination was 11 AM, May 8 at Mao Police Station.

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