Manipur HM’s take on Naga dialogue flayed

Dimapur, April 18 (MExN): Home Minister of Manipur, Gaikhangam, is denounced for ‘insulting’ the Indo-Naga political dialogue as well as ‘ridiculing’ the “reunification.” An organization, Naga International Support Center (NISC), issued après release today. The NISC explained that the tactic to prevent the Nagas from reunifying or from shaping their own future “is asking for great trouble.”

The NISC’s email statement, unsigned, called Gaikhangam’s comment “a double insult.”  “It is therefore a double insult that Home Minister Gaikhangam of Manipur provokes his own people by stating the Nagas (NSCN-IM; the first insult is because he is a Naga himself and the second is that he ridicules reunification. So we see on what transpires now that the cornered Government of India is in a predicament,” the NISC explained.
The NISC said that the Government of India that India signed the UNO covenant on the right to self determination for all peoples. “And even though Mr. Gaikhangam is a Naga this does not mean he decides on the fate of the Nagas; Nagas as a people are quite capable of doing that. If the Government of India is so much impressed with the reactions of ‘other’ northeastern states which form stumbling blocks to the solution of the conflict it initiated, then it is apparent that they use it for their own ends.”
Hence, the NISC said, the tactic to prevent the Nagas from reunifying will not solve the conflict and to “prevent the Nagas from shaping their own future is asking for great trouble.”
“To force the Nagas to live within the Indian Constitution will only prolong the conflict unnecessarily as there are no cultural, historical, economical or communicational links,” the NISC said.
In 1929, long before India’s independence, the statement said, the Nagas had conveyed to the British colonizers that they expected to be free again once the British would have left. “Considering too that the British only controlled and administered less than one-third of Naga territory, the rest was termed ‘unadministered areas’ of free Nagas, it is also disputed how the British could  hand over land and people to the emerging Union of India without jurisdiction,” the NISC said.

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