Khaplang condemns AR’S high-handedness

Morung Express News

DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 18: The NSCN/GPRN Khaplang has alleged that on the midnight of October 12 a group of AR jawans surrounded the residence in which CCM Ganpong was sleeping. Like thieves, the AR jawans forcefully broke in and despite the presence of innocent women and children the entire house was ransacked randomly and heaped abuses on the occupants of the house, stated a press note issued by the MIP.

In the process, a camera, two mobile handsets, pen pistol and AK pouch, daos and cash receipt book were taken away, it was stated. The AR jawans also coerced the CCM to surrender to the AR and cajoled him that his family would be taken care of with financial assistance from the Indian Army.
“On his refusal to budge to their threat, the unruly jawans got highly infuriated and when the CCM became sick and traumatized and had to seek immediate medical attention, the ARs did not even spare him, followed him to the Civil Hospital, Mon”, stated the press note.
According to the MIP note the “abhorrent and mean jawans even threatened a doctor at gunpoint and forcibly fabricated the medical report so as to conceal the apparent physical and mental abuses resultant of their high-handedness”. Stating that such instances are becoming a routine affair and has become a matter of concern, the MIP note asked the GOI to rein over its thug-like soldiers or else the passive resistance and patience of the NSCN/GPRN could run out anytime. “The GOI as asked to rein in the thug-like soldiers or else the consequences would have to be borne by them”.

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