Karbi students express solidarity to Nagas

Karbi students express solidarity to Nagas
Dimapur, May 24 (MExN): Leaders of the Karbi Students’ Association (KSA) and Naga Students Federation (NSF) met at Hotel Nagi in Dimapur today where matter related to the current Nagaland-Manipur tensions was discussed. A press meet was later held. The president of KSA Stalyn Ingti said the KSA had come to discuss and show their solidarity and concern. “Manipur Government and civil society should immediately commence to sit with NSF” and that if they do not, “I think the problem will not be solved.”
A joint press statement also reiterated that “in the wake of the Manipur Government decision to restrict the movement of the Nagas including Naga Students’ Federation leaders to the southern part of Naga homeland, the NSF and Karbi Students’ Association during the joint meeting reached to an understanding to work hand in hand on all aspects, reaffirm the age-old relationship between Nagas and Karbis and to urge upon the neighboring communities to respect and appreciate each others’ rights.”
NSF said it was very unfortunate that the Meitei people failed to understand the mind of the Nagas and that instead of realizing their faults they are misleading other neighbouring states.
“They (Meiteis’) should come and see how they have displaced our Naga people, killed Nagas.” So far, the Naga students have been very much patient, we didn’t react. But they are trying to provoke.” “We thought this was not an ethnic crisis, that the Manipur Government would understand and it is unfortunate” it added. The KSA also informed that the All Assam Manipuri Student Union (AAMSU), has organized a rally on May 26 but because NSF and KSA is a ‘friendly organization’ KSA decided not to attend.
Also, a note was handed over to the media personnel which was said to be circulated in trains. The note stated to be an appeal “issued by the Publicity Committee of All Assam Manipuri Students’ Union (AAMSU) Hojai-Nagaon Assam” which called for immediate lifting of economic blockade enforced on Manipur by NSF and Naga civil organizations. The note goes on to appeal to all in concern to immediately lift the ongoing blockade and open the life line in 24 hours. “…failing which we (AAMSU) would be forced to take up appropriate steps like counter economic blockade.”

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