Jamir urges Nagas to bury differences

Jamir urges Nagas to bury differences
KOHIMA, Jan 25 – Insisting on an early settlement of the prolonged Naga political conflict, former Goa and Maharashtra Governor SC Jamir has called upon the Naga people to sort out their differences and come on a common platform to hammer out a framework acceptable to the Nagas as well as to the Government of India.

The veteran Naga politician, who arrived at Dimapur on January 23 after completing his gubernatorial tenure, affirmed that the Naga people wanted peace, stability, progress and prosperity.

The former Nagaland Chief Minister and senior Congress leader called for bringing an early solution to the Naga problem “not by confrontation but through goodwill and faith”.

“It is right time that the Naga people should come to a common platform by sorting out their differences to hammer out a framework which is acceptable to both the Nagas and the Government of India,” he said while asserting that it was high time that the political problems got resolved through the collective wisdom of the Naga people.

He pointed out that the ongoing efforts for reconciliation would not be complete if those affected families do not come out and forgive those who did wrong.

Stating he was himself a victim of violence, Jamir reiterated, “I forgive those who tried to assassinate me” and urged the Naga people to broaden their views and outlook.

Jamir pointed out that suspicion against each other is another factor that was destroying the fabric of reconciliation.

He asked all political leaders, church leaders and all frontal organisations to play an active role in bringing light to the Naga society.

“Therefore, I have happily come back home to resume my service to our people and there is neither day nor night nor retirement in politics,” he said. – PTI

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