Involve Naga citizens – FNR told

Dimapur, March 2 (MExN): The Forum for Naga Reconciliation is told to involve the common Naga citizen and communities at the grassroots level in the pacifist group’s efforts to reconcile the Naga underground organizations.

The suggestions were pitched to the forum today by a group called “ZEFPB” which stated itself to be “a forum constituted to reconcile the Naga national workers of all factions in Zeliangrong region.”
A note received here from the ‘ZEFPB’ (‘Zeliangrong Elder’s Forum of Peace Brokers’) suggested that regional or tribe cells be formed as well as involve Naga citizens “to work, pray and participate in the move for inclusive reconciliation.”
The note from the ‘ZEFPB’ was appended by its co-convener D. Dikambui and secretary Dichamang. The group said the recent Naga “reconciliation meeting” in Dimapur is a ‘big leap’ from factional divisions and “madness to common reconciliation toward finding an ultimate settlement of the long protracted Naga politic.”
The ZEFPB suggested that “Region-wise/tribe-wise cells be formed and entrust them to work on this on Region-specific/tribe specific issue; all the Naga citizen be motivated to work, pray and participate in the move for inclusive reconciliation.”
The ZEFPB also stated that the process of reconciliation ‘reach out its message of the call for reconciliation with those who have not yet subscribed to this fact.’
The ZEFPB commended the Forum for Naga Reconciliation “for organizing” the reconciliation meeting on February 29. “It is heartening to hear the voices/opinions of the leaders of the Naga national workers, leaders of civil organizations, and church leaders, intellectuals, and senior citizens, youth and women leaders. It has been expressed by all leaders that reconciliation is the need of the hour in Naga National politics.”
According to the note, Naga politics in a way is different from that of many other “nations” and “we base our politics in the teaching of the Bible,” the ZEFPB claimed.
“So reconciliation is made more relevant in our politics where political factions among the Naga national workers are deeply and needlessly engrossed in their own factional interest and ideologies resulting in rampant factional killings.”
Therefore, the organization says, forgiving one another and reconciling to God and to one another is “undoubtedly the need of the hour and the only way to practically resolve our peoples’ problems.”

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