Ibobi sabotaging peace process: NSCN


The National Socialist Council of Nagalim has stated on what it termed as the “animosity of Manipur Chief Minister Ibobi Singh towards the Nagas in general and the ongoing Indo-Naga peace talk under the banner of National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) in particular”. A press note from the MIP stated that this animosity needed “no elaboration” because he (Ibobi) himself has proved it in numerous occasions. “And so is the well founded apprehension by the Nagas that there is nothing good to expect from Ibobi other than destructive utterance against Naga interests. And the Chief Minister continues to spit venom against NSCN”, stated the MIP press note.

The NSCN claimed as a “fact that Ibobi is trying to derail the Indo-Naga peace process by charging the NSCN” and to “brand it as a terrorist organization” while describing this as “most unbecoming character and demeaning as it is for the Chief Minister of a state”. “For any terror like incident in the state Ibobi will not take time to think twice before he name the NSCN as the culprit and demanded from the Centre to revoke the Indo-Naga ceasefire”.

According to the MIP note this has been the ongoing war of Ibobi against the NSCN. But there are times when he was caught on the wrong foot, it stated.

A case in point is when there was bomb blast in Sangakpham Bazaar in Imphal recently. The MIP note stated that “Ibobi hurriedly put the blame on NSCN and started making a big noise that he will brief the Centre on the activities of NSCN in the state and press the government in New Delhi to revoke the ceasefire”. Significantly, he even claimed to posses’ evidence of NSCN involvement in the bloody bomb blast, stated the MIP. “Now shamelessly after the true colour started to unfold itself he told the Manipur Assembly that the arrested person in connection with the bomb blast is not NSCN cadre but Indian Reserve Battalion, his own boy”.

The NSCN termed this as a “public mockery for a person of Chief Minister’s stature to find himself in the wrong place by putting the blame on NSCN when his own boy was allegedly involved”. “But this only proved the ulterior motive of Ibobi against NSCN and to sabotage the hard earned peace process”.

“It is a matter of Nagas right to point out that Ibobi is not greater than the historical and political rights of the Nagas who dared to resist, fought and asserted their rights for more than 60 years. And it is also a matter of fact that government of India ultimately came round to recognize the uniqueness of Naga history and situation and gave the commitment that solution shall also be unique”, the MIP note stated.

Further the “rumbling going on in Manipur on the issue of demand for creation Sadar Hills district and Jiribam district and Ibobi taking extra interest on these issues indicates his target against the Naga’s territorial interests”.
“But it is easier said than done. Nagas emotional attachment to their God given ancestral land will never allow Ibobi to have his way no matter what comes”.

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