Guardians demand action against Seven Sisters Post

IMPHAL, Nov 20 : If the report about the proposed Supra State body for Nagas was baseless, the Government of India should take up befitting action against the Seven Sisters Post for publishing the highly sensitive but misleading report, demanded the All Manipur Student Guardians’ Association.

Speaking to media persons today, president of the organisation RR Chothe  demanded that the Union Government should take up befitting actions against the Seven Sisters Post if its report about the Centre’s readiness to present Supra State body as Christmas gift was wrong.

The Central Government, by coining such phrases as “without territorial limits” and “Supra   State Body”, has been playing with the sentiments of the Manipuri people in their efforts to appease NSCN-IM.

Such insincerity on the part of Central Government leaders has been only fanning nationalism among ethnic communities of Manipur, and it cannot be ruled out that Manipuri people would unite against New Delhi and demand restoration of Manipur’s sovereignty, Chothe asserted.

Should a Supra State body be set up, the whole Northeastern region must be re-organised first and whatever areas settled by Meiteis should form Meitei State.

Likewise, all the areas settled by Kukis and Nagas should form Kuki State and Naga State respectively, he said.

In place of the controversial Supra State body, 10th Schedule may be enforced in Nagaland.

The Government of India’s treatment of Manipur since 1949 till date has only enraged the people of both the hills and valley.

Member of the organisation O Yaima stated that the hidden agenda behind Supra State body is creation of greater Nagaland.

The Central Government leaders should always keep in mind the massive movement of June 2001.

Another member N Chaoba stated that the proposal for Supra State body is unacceptable.

Maintaining that the term ‘Supra State’ is a misnomer, Chaoba appealed to the Central Government not to play with words in their bid to appease one community.


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