God’s creation and the Nagas

God’s creation and the Nagas
Author’s name : Th. Muivah Published by : CLS
Date published : 10/18/2005


Th. Muivah,General Secretary, NSCN.

@ Thuingaleng Muivah,General Secretary National Socialist Council of Nagalim

1. First publication 2005.

2. Second publication 2007.

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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14.

God’s creation and the Nagas

Upon completion of the creation God looked at it and said that it is good. He was satisfied with His handiwork. He then left to man to take proper care of the creation. Therefore good management is next to God. It is clear that God has given all peoples their portions in the creation but for careful management. Here lies the principle of management of what is ours. Here also lies the greatness of a people to be worthy of the purpose God has for them. All creation is purpose-driven; that is, for the fulfillment of God’s will, for His will alone is the ultimate reality. Man of wisdom understands the meaning of existence. Thank God we too have been made to understand this truth through divine utterances. We are blessed for being used in His purpose.

However, it should be remembered that God did not feel complete with the creation of man alone. He felt the necessity of making a woman to be the partner of the man. This partnership between man and woman in the whole process of existence is thus originated with the law of the creation itself. This is the basic principle for ascertaining the importance of both man and woman and their inseparable institution to work together as partners. When this truth is not grasped by husband and wife the significance of a family-life fades away. So long as there is no mutual realization of life’s mission, they live in a divided house. Naturally, lack of consistency abounds in such a family- which often tends to take them apart, and it is not a surprise. They are no more potential. In other words, a family in such a state of affairs is impotent. Thus, there is failure in the family with its potentiality wasted. What is therefore most essential is that man and woman should know each other’s disposition and the mission they need to pursue. After all, life, in most cases, is a joint venture of man and woman. When husband and wife are clear and united and committed to a righteous cause, they become the force that is most unconquerable. Here lies the glory and fulfillment of life. Surely great successes in missions of life are achieved through joint efforts of man and woman. Such struggle serves the purpose of life. Therefore, until there is full participation of woman in any genuine struggle, half the world remains being left aside.

The tough resistance put up by the Naga people against the Indian invasion of the Naga homeland in total violation of the history and the
rights of the Nagas non-stop in the past 58 years is now a proud chapter in our history. The life of our Nation is the history of our people. Nagas could fight against the heavy odds of the Indian armed forces for so long a span of time is because Nagas have been a serious
people; we could not part with what was/is ours. To us, the gift of God is most precious. We too believe in His purpose for us though insignificant we are in size. This was our strength and pride and it shall continue to be so. Politically, too, we realized the decisiveness of our own people on all issues of national concern. Obviously all Nagas were awakened to the imminent threat posed from India. Massive wave of solidarity among Nagas became pervasive. The spontaneous passion and determination to defend every inch of our homeland and rights emerged as an unquestionable force. Hatred towards the aggressors also added to the might to be reckoned with. Thus to meet the challenge, boys and girls gladly volunteered and manned all the fronts. All the women in every village were also organized to help serve the cause under all inevitable circumstances. How had they withstood the bitter trials and proved through to date shall remain as an unrivalled glory of the Nagas in this part of the world. No women ever surrendered although they were at times physically over-powered. Yes, they have done beyond their due. Indeed, they are the pride of our history.

In the Eastern side too our women both in the army and civil set-up contributed on all fronts. In spite of the terrible situation throughout our stay there, beginning from the early part of 1976, the way women helped us in establishing and consolidating our base area was highly praise-worthy. Their high sense of responsibility in dealing with the public and situation won the admiration of every village. With the public won over to serve the cause we confidently felt that the first groundwork was done. The imparting of primary education mainly through women-cadre mostly in the untouched areas was so progressive that it ushered the area in a new era. But that was not all. Enlightenment wrought through the spreading of the gospel was amazing too. The truth that Christ died for all the sinners was really manifested from that untouched world as well. Both man and woman took arduous risk of various kinds involving their lives and their all for the cause that they knew so well. They fought side by side a good number of battles undeterred and sacrificed together, leaving behind them the undaunted spirit that has saved the Nation thus far. Truly, women are precious companions in life. They are more faithful and determined when persuaded. It is the steadfastness of our women that stands behind the unprecedented glory of the Nagas. Certainly, a people are strongest and most invincible but when man and woman stand together. I believe it is the design of God too. Yes, for Adam, Eve was made and the other way round. Thank God we have realized the truth.

Thou art my witnesses. This was and is the word of the Lord to the Israelites first and also to us the Nagas. The wonder of wonders shown to us through Jesus Christ who saved us has never faded away from us. The salvation wrought to us throughout the perilous years up to this moment is simply beyond words. Who has then done the witnessing among us for that wonder to the people in words and in deeds? I don’t think that anyone of us has done that including me. We have totally failed to be a faithful servant. What a failure it is! When the wonder of salvation is despised and the grace of forgiveness forgotten where the way is for one to be saved! We can ignore this issue but at our own peril. What is more, we still claim that the presence of God is with us. May be it is. But to be on the safe side, we need to question ourselves: Can it be possible without being filled ourselves with remorse for the terrible acts of backsliding? I don’t think so. Yes, God is full of grace but He is not a fool. Every sensible man and woman must know that grace abounds only in remorse for sin. If a fallen man does not rise up again, he is no more. If a man who has gone astray does not come back he is lost. Therefore, let us forsake self-righteousness and turn back to God with all the sins of our ungratefulness and backsliding. I believe God will abundantly forgive us. He had long back forgiven the people of Nineveh on repentance.

Time has come once again and we are celebrating the anniversary of the 25-years of the founding of the National Socialist Women Organization of Nagalim. It is indeed the day for one and all to be grateful heart and soul and give all the praises to the Lord, our great Jehovah. He is the creator; He is also the sustainer of our Nation from the onslaughts of the mighty Nations around us. Had it not been for His protection the homeland of the Nagas would have been destroyed long ago. Thank God we are saved. Hallelujah! But that is not the end. A long-way lies ahead. The race is not completed; and the good fight is not over yet. And so, we are much more demanded still, whether it is peace or confrontation again. No one knows what force will influence the course of history. Therefore, we need to pledge anew before God and man that we will stand to the end obeying His command. And so help us God.

Correct evaluation of the work done in the past 25-years? time can certainly illuminate the way that we are required to keep. No mistake should be made here. To make the prudent use of the past experiences we have to recall and examine conscientiously those moments when we were pushed on the brink of disaster. Allow me to repeat: let’s go back once more to the past when we all were rescued oft-times from the end of our days. Then certainly will we understand the wonder of the redeeming grace. Let us be grateful servants and say that we owe our survival and that of the Nation to God and to Him alone. Our past was in His hand; our present too is in His hand; our unseen future is also safe only in Him. How great is the God of the little Nagas! However, we were saved but through grace, not at all on merit, that we might do His will and glorify His name in our Country and beyond. Now God expects much from the Nagas to be the witness for His greatness. He wants that we should be for the extension of His kingdom spreading His message of salvation and be the winners of souls. Are we prepared to serve the Lord? Let us seriously examine ourselves. Now is the time to make decision for His cause and Nagalim again. This is the need of the day. We should never fail.

Finally, to be realistic and to be sure of the time to come we need to get down to the ground realities that we may not wander away too far out of bearings. We have to admit the hard reality that most of us are no more mindful of how the savior had saved us guiding by His own hand. Let us not blame heaven and earth. We have to blame ourselves first, for it is we who have gone astray deliberately despising the wonder of salvation done to us. Arrogance coupled with selfishness and greediness has over-taken many of us in the leadership and in lower ranks both in civil and military set up. A question now arises: will God still trust unfaithful servants like us to fulfill His desire for the Nagas? It is a tough proposition. How long can we then muddle in darkness to reach the final point! Our days are running out and the doom is not far off. What must be done?

It is our sin that is working against us. It is the only force that can pull us down to the ground. The adversaries as usual will not miss to exploit our weaknesses wherever they are found. But it will be hard for them to be decisive on the issue between us. It is experienced in the life of our struggle. Now, to return to God with repentance for wickedness and treachery without a question is the only choice left to the National Socialist Council in particular and all the Nagas in general. But God deals with the heart, therefore, let us be contrite. This is the call of the hour to everyone. We believe God is never too far away from us. His love is greater than all the sins of the NSCN put together. Without a doubt I believe that the bloodshed on the cross can cleanse the sins of NSCN. God is patiently waiting for our repentance. The way to be saved is clear. Come along beloved NSCN! The moment we rise up for the cleansing power, we are forgiven. Precious Lord is on our side again whom shall we fear? We shall be the strongest again. For sure, we can face tomorrow, because He lives. He will guide our Nation across the shadow of doom. Hallelujah!

Thank you precious Lord.

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