FNR: To the Naga people

Dimapur, September 21 

The Forum for Naga Reconciliation has appealed for understanding that the principle agreement to “form one Naga national government” relates to the continuous process toward reconciliation to transcend all conflicting identities. The forum said that the ‘FNR’ would be dissolved once the reconciliation process progresses into an advanced phase. From there, multiple levels of expertise in various areas of nation-building will be required, the FNR explained in a statement received here today.

The forum explained the concept of ‘one national government’ – “In principle, it has been resolved to form ‘one Naga national government.’ However, it made it clear that the practical process of forming one Naga government is closely related to the reconciliation agenda. While the art of government formation is the responsibility of the Naga political groups, the FNR, as an active facilitator will stand by its position that the envisaged Naga national government must transcend all conflicting identities within the Nagahood.

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