FGN ask for forgiveness from rival groups

FGN ask for forgiveness from rival groups
Mon | February 14 : In a significant step towards the “Journey of Common Hope” and a true offering of reconciliation, NNC/FGN vice president Zhopra Vero has asked forgiveness from his rival groups.
“In the name of God, I ask forgiveness from friends whom I may have wronged. Likewise, I also forgive those who have hurt me,” the FGN vice president said at the end of his address at the public meeting at Mon town Local ground on Saturday.
Quoting from the book of Isaiah, Zhopra said that true reconciliation can come about only when one is ready to forgive his enemies. At the end of the public meeting, the JWG members stood up and held hands together.
The Sunday service at Mon Town Baptist Church saw the JWG members kneeling in the church and the congregation praying for them. Rev. Dr. Wati Aier in his sermon said that Nagas should not go the way of the people of the biblical Tower of Babel.

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