Don’t blame the Nagas for what the Government of India does.

A Naga International Support Center , NISC,
A human rights organization
Amsterdam, February 14 2010
Do not try to condition the Nagas into submission!
Don’t blame the Nagas for what the Government of India does.
Being steadfast in their motivation to resolve the conflict India initiated on the Nagas and because they have shown sincerity all along, the Government of India, GOI in no way can question the Naga commitment. So, Government of India should not blame the Nagas for an. disruption of the peace talks. Instead, reflect on your own commitment:
Don’t backtrack on what has been agreed upon mutually. This in direct relation to the ceasefire agreement with between India and Nagaland which is between two nations and henceforth is valid everywhere in India and the world. During the course of the peace talks the Nagas stood by their word, they showed sincerity by honoring the terms of the Ceasefire and by abiding the ground rules, which cannot be misunderstood. They have submitted two proposals too, but did the Government of India do so? Yes in the press the statement of a proposal by the Government of India was announced, but with a condition: ‘talks should be ‘within the constitution’. This condition itself is a violation of the agreement which stated that talks would be held without conditions.
To resolve this long overdue conflict what then is the policy of the Government of India?
According to the Nagas it is a hidden, as in not public, treacherous policy of the Government of India meant to condition the Nagas into submission.
The Naga international Support Center states: is it high time for the Government of India to value, above all else, the sincere commitment of the Nagas to arrive at a peaceful and honorable solution to the conflict, a conflict not of their making. It will be a folly of follies if Indian leaders drive the Nagas further away. The leadership of India would prove wisdom when it makes the best use of unquestionable sincerity of the Nagas. Nagas defend their rights, they do not attack India.
Don’t blame the Nagas for breaching the mutually agreed upon Ceasefire which jeopardizes meaningful talks for peace.

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