‘Dimapur becoming a Jihadi hub’

Dimapur, June 3 (MExN): The Public Action Committee (PAC) of Naga frontal organizations against illegal immigrants questions a number of Sumi organizations for “shouting against” the verification drive to identify illegal immigrants who are turning Dimapur into a “jihadi” hub. The PAC issued a statement today wondering if the burgeoning population of “miya” in Niuland or western Sumi areas has come to pressurize the Sumi organizations to issue statements that favor illegal immigrants.

“Though not naming us directly, why are Sumi frontal organizations from the western sector shouting against the PAC verification drive on illegal immigrants? The timing is highly suspect,” the PAC stated in its press release issued by Joel Nillo Kath Co-ordinator of Public Action Committee.  The PAC said that the newly-formed Muslim organization, “Dimapur Muslim Public Forum” is yet to pledge its support to PAC verification drive. Rather, it is trying its outmost to sabotage PAC’s activity, the statement said.

The PAC said that the Western Sumi Kukami Hoho (WSKH) and Western Sumi Students’ union (WSSU) fully understands the scourge of the “Bangladeshi problem” in Nagaland. However, they are out to derail the verification process by casting aspersions on the activity/legality of PAC and pressurizing the government to take over the former’s role ‘as per their press releases in the last two days’, the PAC said.

The committee queried: “Is this so because the majority miya population in Niuland sub-division has become so dominant so as to force the minority Sumi Naga population to issue these statements? Or is the issue of illegal immigrants trivial to western Sumis? Or is it that raising a hue and cry over Rs. 250, the verification fee realized by PAC, is more important than protecting Naga identity? Is it not a cause to rejoice when illegal immigrants leave the state fearing PAC V-drive?”

If WSSU feels that “tremendous mental and financial harassment” is being caused by the PAC’s drive, the committee stated, the union is free to sponsor PAC activity so that both “financial burden” and “mental harassment” on the ‘miyas’ are lessened. “For WSSU information, your poor immigrants are not so poor considering the fact that Rs. 15 Crore is their monthly income (average). Also, WSSU can please point out which “Indian citizen or citizens” has been harassed during PAC drive?”

The committee called “tragedy of Nagas” that time and again outsiders have managed to drive a wedge between the people “and this time it’s against PAC/Naga Council by western Sumi organizations.” In the words of the committee: “WSKH and WSSU parroting the same line that government should take over the issuing of ID cards means only one thing – don’t issue ID cards to any illegal immigrants for they know the fact that no government, including Nagaland government is in a position to tackle the Bangladeshi infiltration problem alone without taking into confidence tribal organizations, NGOs and house owners.”

The committee also referred to the latest instance of crime by Muslim immigrants such as the reported rape by a Bangladeshi auto rickshaw driver. “It was to deter such crimes that PAC was formed in the first place to keep track of all illegal immigrants since Dimapur is a hot-bed of rape, murders, contract killings, theft, extortions, etc and most of the culprits are illegal immigrants. Unless, certain mechanisms are in place to assist police and district administration, like PAC V-drive for instance, the general view is that Dimapur is becoming a very difficult place to live for peace loving citizens,” the PAC stated.

The committee also reminded that Dimapur is becoming a ‘hub of Jihadi activities. “It is no secret that ISI is using Bangladeshi elements to strike terror all over India including outfits like HuJi who find safe haven amongst the 2-3 Crore Bangladeshi infiltrators in India.”

The committee also reminded that just recently one “Assam Muslim Welfare Union” issued threats to Naga students studying in Assam and even India, of bloodshed if the PAC-issued verification cards to illegal immigrants in the wake of February 6 incident. “Investigations have revealed that there is no AMWU registered in Assam and the conclusion is that AMWU is a jehadi outfit based in Dimapur having links with pan-Islamic organizations over the globe,” the PAC stated.
The press note also claimed that the people behind the AMWU write-up are the same people now campaigning to derail PAC Verification drive for reasons obvious to everyone. “The statements of WSKH and WSSU betray such collaboration with unholy elements.  In case Naga blood is shed by jehadi elements, shall not these two organizations be held directly responsible and answerable to Naga people?”

Reminding that the Nagas are now facing the greatest crisis in their history from the swarming hordes of Bangladeshis infiltrating their land, the committee has called for cooperation instead. “It is requested of government and like-minded mass-based organizations such as WSSU and WSKH to stop their criticisms and join hands with PAC/Naga Council before it’s too late,” the committee added.


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