CSCFM welcome Naga Concordanta

Morung Express

Dimapur, September 1:
The Concerned Senior Citizens Forum, Mokokchung Town (CSCFM) commended the Naga National leaders from different set up including NSCN/GPRN, GPRN/NSCN and NNC/FGN for arriving to a point of consensus opinion to work together in principle towards a shared Naga future.

A press note issued by Bendangangshi, Ex. MLA and Temjenkaba, Senior Advocate, member stated that the Forum having seen the moment of sorrow and joy in the process of Naga reconciliation for a common goal, and hence expresses appreciation based on the foundation of our historical and political rights by way of strengthening and broadening the peace process based on uniqueness of Naga history, responding to the call the people in general and FNR in particular with deepest concern. The Forum applauded the Naga leaders especially the signatories of Naga leaders meet held on August 24 and 25, 2011 for their God given wisdom who has realized to forgive and forget each other in the spirit of love; and for their wise decision to work together understanding each other for a common goal. “This is the best moment in our time uniting
three prominent Naga factions. All Nagas should uphold such positive move to salvage the Nagas from slavery,” the forum stated.

The Forum stated appreciation for resolving to work towards the formation of one Naga National Government and forming a High Level Commission to expedite the process in the presence of the Forum for Naga Reconciliation as facilitator. “We strongly believe and expect that this High Level Commission should create enough room for accommodating NSCN lead by SS Kaplang also in the same spirit of forgive and forget each other just for a common cause because all Nagas should be one for a common cause overcoming all parochial motives.
These are good news bringing a sense of relief to the minds of the Nagas. This is the way towards making oneness of the Nagas as one family because Nagas are one and they should one today and tomorrow”, the forum stated.

The Forum stated it feel that this is the right time to work out the most appropriate political settlement with India in the context of contemporary world in the first place; re-constructing Indo-Naga Political History under the theme One Dream, one Voice and one Future as committed by the Nagas during Naga Consultative Meet with Overseas Nagas held from March 5 to 7, 2009 instead of demanding piecemeal solution like statehood, autonomous council or alternative arrangement under Indian states which will bring division to Naga family. “We
feel that since the state Government has already committed to act as facilitator and NPCC has already committed to support the on-going peace process, this is the right time to do the real works of facilitators by one and all playing the most befitting roles in this crucial stage of positive political development,” it stated.

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