Clarion call for reconciliation, unity Clarion call for reconciliation

Clarion call for reconciliation, unity Clarion call for reconciliation, unity
Mon | February 14 : Eastern Nagaland responded to the call of ‘Reconciliation’ with slogans of “Long live Reconciliation” and “Kuknalim” as the ‘Journey of Common Hope’ reached Mon town.
Hundreds of people including school children gathered for the public meeting of the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) and Joint Working Group (PWG) at the local ground on Saturday and gave a thunderous applause as the FNR convenor Rev. Dr. Wati Aier declared that there was “No turning back” from reconciliation.
“For sixty years we have undergone immense suffering. Our history is a history of blood and tears… Let us join hands together and let us talk about our rights. There is no hidden agenda in the reconciliation move,” he said.
He also said that JWG members of the three political groups – GPRN/NSCN, NSCN/GPRN and NNC/FGN – would not be sharing the same dais in the meeting if they were not serious about the ‘Covenant of Reconciliation’ jointly signed by the president/chairman of the three groups.
“I believe it (Covenant of Reconciliation) will be the ‘Magna carta’ of the Nagas someday,” the FNR convenor added.
Acknowledging the presence JWG members of all three groups, Konyak Union president Khoiwang in his welcome address said, “Today the meeting is at the kilonser level. We pray and hope that tomorrow it will be at the highest level.”
Urging the political groups to take reconciliation seriously, the KU president also said that Nagas should give up their one negative trait – revenge – in order to achieve true reconciliation. “Our main concern is how Nagas can come together and eat in one plate and drink in the same cup,” he said. He further assured that the Konyak public will always pray for the success of FNR.
KU advisor Pohwang said that “this meeting may be the last attempt of Naga public for peace and unity. How many times will the public meet like this?” he asked and cautioned that it the present reconciliation move fails then it might be better for Nagas to live separately. Both Khoiwang and Pohwang reiterated the stand of the Konyaks that “unity” should precede all other conditions.
The GPRN/NSCN in its message of solidarity to Naga unity and reconciliation, which was read out by national political affairs committee member Kiyekhu Awomi, reaffirmed the pledge to take up the “noblest yet imposing task of freeing ourselves from the yoke o factionalism.”
“This unforgiving politics (factionalism) has desecrated the righteous cause of the Nagas. Unless unity and reconciliation is achieved, political solution remains just a high sounding word,” Kiyekhu said.
Kilonser Kraibo Chawang who read out the reconciliation message of the NSCN/GPRN, said that “By reconciliation, we mean it’s not only bringing together by burying the past differences but walking hand in hand the rest of the journey together sharing a common objective.”
Chawang said that the journey of reconciliation has come a long way since its beginning. “Doubts, suspicions and apprehensions have paved way to trust, hope and confidence in each other.” “Obstacles and roadblocks are certainly bound to come in our way but, we believe, together we could overcome come what may,” he said.
NNC/FGN vice president Zhopra Vero in his speech gave an analogy of the Naga situation with a Konyak adage that “Nagas in order to catch a rat burns the whole house down.”
“In the course of our history, we have also nearly burnt down our house but because f the concern of our people and the efforts of civil societies like FNR, the danger has greatly diminished and a channel has been established based on peace,” Zhopra said.
He said that it is not only through efforts of man but also through the grace of God that this level of understanding could be reached. Songs on reconciliation, unity and peace were presented by TWTN, Konyak Baptist Church and Ao Baptist Church, Mon.President Pastors’ Union, Mon Town, also spoke on the occasion.
At the end of the meeting, Rev. Wati led the public in mass slogans “Long live Reconciliation,” “Kuknalim” (victory to our land) and “We want peace”
Earlier, the meeting chaired by principal, Mon Theological College , T Honglong, started with invocation by executive secretary, KBBB, Chemyuh
KU advisor Hoka proposed vote of thanks and the FNR member Rev. VK NUh pronounced benediction. Later, the FNR and JEWG members also held an interactive session held with the KU advisory board.

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