Church, Naga Org. welcomes reconciliation move

DIMAPUR, SEP 20 (EMN): The NBCC, Naga Hoho and various other organisations have welcomed the September 18 Summit of the top leaders

Ascribing all glory to our Lord Jesus Christ who made the meeting possible despite many hurdles, the Nagaland Baptist Church Council congratulated the Forum for Nagaland Reconciliation (FNR) and the highest level leaders of the Naga political groups for the epoch-making summit. ‘We welcome this landmark in the reconciliation process. We are confident that the top level leadership are capable to navigate through all the difficulties and reach the ultimate goal with their consorted efforts’ a press note issued by Rev L Kari Longchar, Director, Peace Affairs NBCC, said.
Stating that, since the 1990s NBCC has been praying and working relentless along with all the church bodies for peace, unity and reconciliation of different Naga groups supported by all the churches and civil societies, the apex Baptist church body said it was encouraged to see that FNR is making headway towards unity and reconciliation of the Nagas political groups. Echoing FNR’s stand that reconciliation must be inclusive of all Naga organisations, it also encouraged every organisation to be a part of this Common Journey. It prayed that God would continue to guide and bless the reconciliation undertaking.
The Naga Hoho termed the ‘historic day of September 18’ as another red letter day in the annals of Naga political history, wherein the three leaders sat across the table in the spirit of hammering out their past differences. Maintaining that it was a moment of God’s answering to the Naga people’s prayer and their yearning for peace and permanent political settlement, it said ‘it was a greatest stepping stone leading towards the meeting of those signatories in the highest level as clearly emphasised in the covenant of Reconciliation’.
The Naga Hoho also earnestly appealed to other groups who are yet to join the Reconciliation process to ‘renew their vision and tolerance and to partake in the nation building’. ‘Or else, it would be a political tragedy and may lead to missing of another caravan in the long sought peace process’, it asserted. The Hoho, moreover, expressed its ‘incontestable appreciation’ to FNR for their ‘yeoman services to both men and God’.
The Chakhesang Public Organisation (CPO) has also applauded the leaders of the three Naga National Political Groups for demonstrating their commitment before God and the Naga people while congratulating the FNR for enabling these historic events to take place.
It also urged that the Naga people continue to pray for those other Naga groups who are yet to join and participate in the Naga Reconciliation process that they may also become a part of this process to make the Naga Reconciliation complete and realistic.
‘May the true spirit of Reconciliation which comes from God alone reign over the Naga Reconciliation process and the Naga people throughout its Journey of Common Hope’, a press note by CPO president Sovenyi said.
Meanwhile, the N-NagaDAO (Network of Nagaland Drugs and AIDS Organisations) media cell, on behalf of its members, has expressed immense happiness over the highest level Summit. Stating that it is a promise of a new dawn for our Naga society, the Network also appreciated the ‘Never Say Die’ spirit of the FNR while assuring its prayers for the successful culmination of all efforts, sacrifices and prayers into one United Naga Family.

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