Chandel Nagas agree to preserve and defend ancestral land

IMPHAL, November 22 (NNN): Nagas in Chandel district of Manipur under the banner of Chandel Naga People Organisation (CNPO) has discussed the prevailing situation and said ancestral land of the Nagas be preserved at any cost.

“Every bit of land in the hills is under the jurisdiction of and within the ancestral boundary with well defined demarcation and there is no khasland. Since time immemorial Nagas have been living in their respective land and governed themselves with a set of traditional administrative system protecting their right to land, natural resources, custom, culture etc. There was no contest over our historical land ownership by any other communities. However, the Naga peoples living in Chandel district are shocked to learn that whole Nagas’ ancestral territory is in the proposed map of the Kuki State Demand Committee (KSDC),” the CNPO stated today.
Chandel Naga People Organisation (CNPO) had a meeting with all the frontal organisations of Chandel district on November 22 and discussed the proposed map of the KSDC. They decided that at any cost the Naga people must preserve and defend their ancestral land and that in no way they should compromise. Nagas in Chandel have respect for other people’s aspirations and we expect the same to our aspirations and right over our land.
The Nagas in Chandel support the demand of alternative arrangement for Nagas of Manipur from the government of India outside the government of Manipur and pending Indo-Naga settlement should be expedited to bring solution at the earliest, the CNPO added.

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