Centre to sign peace pact with militant groups in NE

NEW DELHI, February 29 (PTI): The Centre on Wednesday said it will soon sign a peace pact with two militant groups in Assam and indicated that the anti-talk faction of the NDFB will enter into a dialogue with the government.

Home minister P Chidambaram today said the government has made significant progress in bringing peace in Assam though there were groups which were still engaged in militant activities. He said last month nine groups surrendered their arms and joined the mainstream and the government was in “talks mode” with the ULFA.
“We hope that Ranjan Daimary group of NDFB will come forward for talk shortly. We have signed one agreement with UPDS. Chief minister Assam ( Tarun Gogoi) and I agreed that the situation is right to sign at least two more agreements with two other groups,” he said. Chidambaram said there has been considerable progress in Assam, with 2011 being a peaceful year and 2012 being more peaceful so far. “We hope that efforts being made by the Assam government and Central government through interlocutors will bear fruit and all militancy will come to an end. It will take time but we are moving forward,” he said. Referring to Meghalaya, the home minister said the principal group in the north-eastern state was GNLA which has a fairly modest strength with some determined cadres.
“The Meghalaya government clearly has an upper hand now and efforts are being made to apprehend the remaining cadres of GNLA. There is nothing alarming about the situation in Meghalaya,” he said. On Tripura, Chidambaram said there were only a few NLFT and ATTF cadres active in the border state and the situation there was totally under control

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