Cease-fire only within Nagaland:CFMG

Dimapur, july 25: Reacting to the rejoinder from the NSCN(I-M), CFMG chairman Lt.Gen (Retd) N.K.Singh described it as unfounded, baseless and “unfortunate” that it alleged he was a “tool” of “vested interests”.

Singh said he was guided by the mandate to monitor the implementation of the cease fire ground rules (CFGR) in letter and in spirit. He said NSCN and Assam Rifles may be uncomfortable for being held accountable for cease fire violations adding, such actions could not be called biased.
On the NSCN(I-M) citing the signing of the June 14,2001 agreement and other pronouncements, Singh said this had led to protests where several people died. Subsequently, he said after a meeting of the highest levels in New Delhi, a crucial statement was issued on July 27,2001 which, formally conveyed that the words “without territorial limits” would be deleted from the June 14,2001 agreement. He said the government of India representative had already discussed the matter with NSCN(I-M) and the latter was agreeable to the deletion.
Henceforth, Singh said “without territorial limits” became non-existent in the agreement. On the NSCN (I-M)citing an example in 2004 when 13-14 of its cadres were left off and escorted as a special case in response to their please by then home minister, Singh said the fact that they were escorted all the way back to Mao gate as claimed by NSCN(I-M) showed that the cease fire did not exist south of Mao gate.
Again, on the killing of 11 NSCN(I-M) cadres in a single operation at Pallel on March 16,2002 Singh said it obviously showed that there was not even a semblance of cease fire through their weapons were returned under some considerations.
He described the cases as cited by NSCN(-M) as incidents resolved as special cases as cease fire was not applicable there and that the relief granted were actually more in the realm of confidence building measures to strengthen the nascent official cease fire in Nagaland.
Singh reiterated that peace and tranquillity were desirable anywhere irrespective of cease fires and added that the formal position should be clear that cease fire with NSCN does not extend beyond Nagaland adding, “that is where the matter rests”.
The CFMG chairman further appealed to all to adhere to the CFGRs in Nagaland with utmost sincerity so as to improve the daily lives of all people in Nagaland.

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