Ao Senden flays

Ao Senden has termed the April 19 action of the Assam Rifles as “provocative” also expressed strong condemnation over alleged violation of cease-fire ground rules (CFGR).

Senden president Dr. Sangyu Yaden and general secretary Tsupong Longchar accused Major Sukanta “a Meitei officer from Manipur” of having a “hidden political design”.

The signatories alleged that Maj. Sukanta forced the five jawans to cross the perimeter with arms and ammunition. They also questioned the role of joint secretary MHA (NE) Shambu Singh “an IAS officer from Manipur cadres” for the “direct violation” of CFGR.

They said such “evil design” was well known by the Government of India and CFMG chairman Maj. Gen. (retd) N. George, which threatened the hard earned peace process.

Senden also questioned the role of AR in encircling every designated camp, by making temporary bunkers, blocking entries and frisking and threatening Nagas in Naga inhabited areas. Senden also said such provocative actions indicated repetition of the same history that led to the abrogation of the 1964 cease fire.

Further the signatories cautioned that any derailment of the “hard earned cease fire” could lead to a possible “political deadlock as before” and only create a wider gap between the Government of India and the Naga populace.

They said such a situation could jeopardize the integrity of the region. It appealed to both the parties to uphold cease-fire agreement and expedite the ongoing “Indo-Naga political talk”.


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