ACAUT condemns NSCN (K) threat

Death threat issued to DDPVDU president: ACAUT

ACAUT Nagaland has alleged that NSCN (K) had recently issued a death threat to Dimapur District Pick-Up Van & Drivers’ Union (DDPVDU) president Akaho Awomi for refusing to pay ‘tax demand’ of Rs, 5000 per vehicle for 2014-15.
While strongly condemning the threat, ACAUT Nagaland media cell in a press release said such as threat was not the “operating procedure of a revolutionary organization but the hallmark of mafias.”
On April 24, ACAUT claimed that one NSCN (K) ‘maj.’ Shitokhu sent an sms to Akaho in Sumi dialect which read: “Mr. President, Tata Mobile, NSCN (K) Government Ye Nono Tsumopani Keghenguno Lumo Ikemu Headles (read as Hit list) Number 1 (One) Ye Nokene, Okuxuke Ogho. NSCN (K) Major Shitokhu.” In English, ACAUT said it roughly means: “Since you have refused to pay, we’ll not take. However, know that you’re in Hit-list no. 1. Your life, your wish.”
Prior to sending of the sms, it has been learnt that Akaho Awomi received a letter from the NSCN (K) Urban Town Commander K. Aye, under the caption of “Nagaland for Christ” asking the DDPVDU to pay an amount of Rs. 5000 per vehicle, said ACAUT adding that in later telephonic conversations, the union was ordered to pay the amount in Kohima.
ACAUT Nagaland said it was deeply concerned with the way in which NSCN (K) was randomly targeting individuals and the business community in general. ACAUT reminded the NSCN (K) to clarify to the Naga people whether or not the group’s cadre Vicky Sumi was responsible for the grenade attack on Maruti Trading Company on April 22.
Unless the NSCN (K) leadership clarified its position on the above mentioned two incidents, the Naga people would be inclined to believe that NSCN (K) has gone haywire contrary to national principles, said ACAUT furthering asserting that the ACAUT movement would be forced to question the legitimacy of NSCN (K).
Village chairmen, GBs adopt resolution: Chairmen and GBs of urban and rural Dimapur held a joint meeting with ACAUT Nagaland Friday and adopted resolutions on “one tax, one government” and “threats”.
According to ACAUT Nagaland media cell, chairmen and GBs reiterated to abide by the October 31 Naga public resolution on “one government, one tax and decided not pay any form of tax to any underground factions including household and ration tax as long as factionalism existed in the Naga movement.
The house also resolved that any threat or intimidations against any village or colony chairmen/GBs by any factions on the issue of tax would be taken as threats against the chairmen and GB’s community in particular and Nagas in general.
The media cell informed that one hundred chairmen and GBs representing Dimapur urban area of well over 80 colonies and the following villages representing rural areas, such as, Naharbari, Ekranipathar, Tenyiphe-I, Kashiram, 7th Mile village, Padumpukhuri, Sovima, Darogajan, Chumukedima Ward-6, Sodzulhou, UAVU area, etc., passed the resolution extending full support to ACAUT Nagaland.

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