3 civilians injured in Kohima factional clash


Three civilians, one of them a nine-year old child were injured when one among suspected GPRN/NSCN and NSCN(K) opened fire indiscriminately at the rival faction at around 10.30 a.m. Thursday near Stela School junction at Agri/ Electrical Colony.

The injured were identified as nine-year old Mulutso, Vimhazol Luho (64), retired  Surveyor, Land Record & Survey and of Khuzama village and Raju Chetri, a Taxi driver. A bullet hit the child on the hand while another grazed the minor’s shoulder.

The other two-Vimhazol and Raju- were hit by bullets on their legs. They were rushed to Bethany Hospital where Mulutso was released after treatment while the other two were admitted for further treatment but out of danger.

According to police source, the gunman from one of the groups- GPRN/NSCN or NSCN (K)-  fired at another cadre when suddenly coming face to face and the stray bullets hit the three civilians and also damaging three stationary vehicles- an Alto (local taxi), a Maruti van (zonal taxi) and a Marutiy Gypsy.

According to sources, the firing took place when the gunman suddenly saw an old compatriot who was from the same village but now in another faction, though this could not be confirmed.

Police on receiving information rushed to the spot and recovered atleast 9 empty cases of 9 mm pistol from the vicinity. Confirming this to Nagaland Post, police official said that following the incident, the state police have stepped up alertness thwart any recurrence of such incident.

Meanwhile, it was also learnt that the situation in Agri/Electrical Colony has been reportedly tense following stepping up of movement by armed UG cadres since today morning.

Thursday’s factional violence is a sequel to the December 16 incident in Naharbari Dimapur when GPRN/NSCN threatened to forcibly evict rival NSCN (K) cadres who had gone to set up a sub-office of their cease fire cell.

In retaliation, NSCN(K) cadres attacked a makeshift camp of the GPRN/NSCN at Ghukiye village killing one and decamping with three weapons. Again, on December 23 night, one NSCN (K) rejapeyu was shot dead by suspected GPRN/NSCN cadres at Alahuto colony in Zunheboto town.
Fears of escalation of factional killings came true in Dimapur when on December 28 assailant(s) shot dead a ‘corp’ of the GPRN/NSCN town command inside a mela ground in Burma camp.

HM, organisations condemn Kohima firing incident
DIMAPUR/KOHIMA, DEC 29 (NPN): Nagaland Home minister Imkong L. Imchen has condemned the firing incident in Kohima which caused injuries to three civilians. A press statement by the Home minister Thursday urged citizens to “open up their opposition to this violence culture”.

While ruing that “repeated appeals” of the government, NGOs, civil societies and concerned individuals were not given due “weightage”, Imchen stated that the perpetrators were “happy only pulling the triggers of their gun”.

He urged those who indulged in violence to “listen to the voice of the Nagas” that said “not to kill each other but give peace a chance”. The Home minister also extended his “sincere sympathy” to the members of the injured families while stating that the government would extend assistance to all the injured persons “as per the norms provided”.

APO: Angami Public Organization (APO) has vehemently condemned the firing incident at Agri/ Electrical Colony, Kohima on Thursday which led to the injury to three innocent bystanders.

Taking strong exception to the “people/ factions” involved in the indiscriminate firing that gave no thought to the safety of the innocent public, APO said that “such unscrupulous action is diabolic in nature” and deserved outright condemnation by one and all.

APO, in a release appealed to all factions to refrain from any sort of provocation  that might aggravate and vitiate the peaceful  atmosphere.

APO urged upon all factions to hold dialogue in order to work out tangible understandings. It pointed out that at a time when people were hopeful that the hard earned semblance of peace would result in real and lasting peace among all Naga political groups to ultimately bring about a desired solution to the Naga political imbroglio, conflicts such as unwanted clashed would not only dismantle the efforts but also belittle the whole Naga struggle.

Further the APO said it was constrained to state that if such incidents recur by not heeding to the people’s appeal and totally disregarding public safety in Angami areas, the people could rise up to the occasion to tackle “such unwanted elements.”

It said those “concerned authorities are also urged upon to keep vigil and take necessary actions to curb and stop such condemnable incidents”. APO also wished speedy recovery and long life on the victims of Thursday’s incident.

NH: Naga Hoho (NH) has vehemently condemned Thursday’s firing incident at Agri-Forest colony and the “escalation of factional war” vis-à-vis the recent spate of killings in different places.

In a statement general secretary Naga Hoho, P. Chuba Ozukum said the incident was very unfortunate as innocent civilians were injured during the cross firing. He said civilians have become the victims of fratricidal killings.

It said NSCN cadres—“all ranks and files should have second thoughts before triggering the gun in the name of Naga sovereignty”.
On behalf of all peace loving citizens, Naga Hoho appealed to all warring factions to stop killings and to spare civilian populated areas (towns and villages).

Further, NH urged the district administration and the civic bodies to keep vigil so as to avoid further escalation of violence among different factions.

ECYO: Electrical Colony Youth Organization (ECYO) strongly condemned the “nefarious and dastardly act” of perpetrating injury and causing public disorder in the heart Kohima Thursday morning.

A press release signed by ECYO president Kusolie Yhokha and vice president Sungjemnochet Ndr said that the organization was “particularly disturbed” that the perpetrators and their “sponsors” were well known for their “nefarious activities in the guise of national movement glorifying themselves as revolutionary patriots”.

ECYO stated that it was putting across the organisation’s stand “as strong as the firing of your bullets” and that the colony was “not a battlefield”. It also asserted that the “spirit and soul” of the locality was greater than “AK 47s” and that the crime were not only crimes against the colony but against humanity.

While emphasizing that ECYO was “deeply saddened” and the firing “repulsive” as it took place during the “period of celebration”, the organization stated the people responsible for the act were “seeking to destroy the very fabric of our society creating public nuisance”.
ECYO also appealed to all “peace loving citizens” to condemn the “heinous act” and wished the injured a speedy recovery.

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