‘Supra State Body’ out of the fear of NSCN (IM): O Joy

Imphal, November 17: Reacting sharply and condemning the offer of a “Supra State Body” after years of talks between the Union Government and the NSCN-IM, a Central Committee’s meeting of the MPP was held at its party office and resolved to stage a sit in protest on Saturday next.

Addressing media persons after the meeting, O Joy, leader of the Legislature Wing of MPP said that the “Supra State Body” which was offered by the Union government to the Nagas, is in fact a gift given out of fear of NSCN (IM) by the central government. It is their first step towards the disintegration of Manipur. It is an act meant to satisfy the needs of the Nagas only, and nothing beyond that. They have brought out something which was never there in the Indian Constitution, and now they are trying to include it in the Constitution.

He further questioned the intention of the Union government in bringing out a “Supra State Body” for the Nagas only and asked whether there isn’t also the need for a “Supra State Body” for the Manipuris settling in different parts of India including Assam and Tripura. He again inquired whether a “Supra State Body” can be created for the preservation of a certain tribal group.

He said that when Manipur got statehood under article 371 (C) of the Indian Constitution, an order was also issued and a Hill Area Committee was formed to protect and safeguard the culture and identity of ethnic groups settling in the hills. Ignoring the order and offering to create a ‘Supra Sate Body” for the Nagas only and trying to protect only the Nagas is a clear sign of a divide and rule policy of the Indian government in the North Eastern part of the country and trying to disintegrate the various ethnic communities.

The idea of a “Supra State Body should be condemned by the people of the state. MPP will always safeguard the ethnic identity, culture and tradition of Manipur as enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

The Central Committee’s meeting which was held today also took a number of resolutions which include condemning of the creation of the “Supra State Body” which is nowhere in the Indian Constitution, memorandum to be submitted to the President, Prime Minister, Home Minister of India and Governor and Chief Minister of Manipur on the issue, Presidents of all the Political parties will be taken into confidence. It also resolved to press the Union government and the state government to furnish the final decision on the offer of the “Supra State Body” in a week’s time.


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