‘Supra-state body’ offer denied with coming election in mind’

Imphal, November 21: Cutting across political affiliation, various political parties have cautioned the governments both at the state and the centre over the controversy centering around the ‘Supra-state body’ proposal of the government of India to the NSCN (IM).

Talking to Hueiyen Lanpao, Secretary of CPI Manipur State Council Dr M Nara said that he does not feel that the report of Seven Sisters Post on the Supra-state body proposal of the government of India to the NSCN (IM) could have been fabricated.

Nonetheless, Dr Nara informed that his party has started collecting documents to find out the truth of the matter. An executive meeting of the party was also convened today and discussed the matter serious, the CPI leader disclosed, while assuring that the National leaders of the party would be consulted for taking up the issue in the Parliament.

Dr Nara cautioned that the integrity of Manipur should not be compromised by the government of India in trying to appease NSCN (IM). CPI would never accept it nor remain quiet over the issue.

As to the controversy centering around the issue, Dr Nara demanded the Union Home Minister to come out with a clarification at the earliest possible.

President of MPP Dr Nimaichand Luwang has categorically stated that his party could not be misled by clarification of Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh. The Union Home Minister needs to come out with a clarification to the people of Manipur along with evidences to show that there is no such proposal of an offer of Supra-state body to NSCN (IM).

Now that the Seven Sisters Post has called Union Home Minister P Chidambaram a liar and has come up with a 12-page document to prove the veracity of its report, a question has arisen whether it is Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh or Union Home Minister P Chidambaram, who is the bigger liar, Dr Nimaichand said.

He also cautioned the people of Manipur of such double-standard of Congress party, which, he asserted, says one thing in Nagaland and another thing in Manipur.

There is strong suspicion that Ibobi may have been under pressure to deny proposal of Supra-state body to avoid public wrath in view of the upcoming election, the MPP President maintained.

President of BJP Manipur Pradesh Sh Shantikumar Sharma contended that the Congress led UPA government at the centre and the Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh led SPF government have done a great betrayal to the people of Manipur.  There should be nothing more shameful for Union Home Minister P Chidambaram than being called a liar by the editor of Seven Sisters Post.

Subsequent to the report of Seven Sisters Post, BJP took up the issue with the Chief Minister, but the latter warned against fomenting public unrest. BJP has no intention of doing so and what it had done was in fact to prevent such public unrest, Shantikumar said, adding that if the Chief Minister could not speak out the truth as a public leader, he ought to step down on moral ground.


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