‘Political parties should come together for Naga Unity’

Kohima, March 2 (MExN): The former President of Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee and a veteran Congress legislator, K V Pusa has urged all political parties to come together and support the cause of Naga unity.

A press release received here stated that addressing the closing ceremony of Nagaland Wrestling meet last evening at Kohima local ground, Pusa said rather than politcising the efforts for Naga unity and trying to use it as leverage to gain partisan ground all political parties should come together to support the Naga unity process. Instead of mudslinging and taking a confrontational stance it is time all parties come together in the fight for Naga Unity.
The congress leader also urged all sections of Naga people to extend support to Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) which was trying to bring peace and unity amongst Naga groups. He said FNR was trying to bring in peace through mobilization of public opinion, inter-factional meetings and even spiritual healing. “We must join hands with them and also strengthen them with out solidarity. Any group which is working to bring peace amongst our people is working for the common cause of the people and we should support it regardless of political boundaries, tribe, church or regional affiliations,” Pusa said.
The former congress president said that “in the turmoil arising from the pressing demands of Naga political crisis Nagas had neglected more important matters such as sustainable development of their land and its resources, traditional land holding and management patterns, including demographic changes. True independence is when we have full control over our land and its resources with the freedom to manage to cultivate and to develop it for the collective good of our people he maintained.” He said sovereignty without ownership and control over the land Nagas inherited from their ancestors would be meaningless.
Pusa said that “in his view as long as Nagas land belonged to them they are independent adding we should make it proper management and preservation of our responsibility. As long as we are living off out own land we are free. But the day we have to till lands that belong to others and pay rent for its use we should be as slaves in our own land he added.” He called upon all sections of Nagas to come together and take the opportunity to turn their land into a land of hope and dreams for prosperity. Let us do this while time is still on our side he said. He expressed hope that Almighty would help Nagas in their endeavour and bring them to a point where they stand as one in the spirit of fraternity, solidarity and integrity.

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