‘NPF priority is Naga issue’

Kohima | November 17 (Morungexpress):NPF president and DAN Minister Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu today said “The first priority of the NPF-led DAN government is to help solve the Naga problem and we are doing everything in our power to ensure a congenial situation in this regard.” He was addressing the first session of the NPF youth wing leadership training at the party’s central office here this evening. But he said, “Unless the various factions come together nothing will happen. And Naga people will continue to live under the umbrella of uncertainty. We have to come together and be serious about it. The problem with Naga people is disunity. We are very certain that New Delhi will not go for piecemeal solution.” Quoting Union Home Secretary GK Pillai, Dr Shurhozelie said “piecemeal settlement is no solution…..In the event a political solution comes to pass we will stand aside any day, any time. So, we have done everything to bring about a solution.” The minister said that the party cannot afford to act ‘partisan’ over the issue. “We have to lend full support to the Naga Common Platform. There is no other way if we are to bring all the groups together,” he said. Unfortunately, he said, there had been needless criticism from certain quarters with regard to the Naga Common Platform. “…but we have to show our maturity. We must also support different organizations which have been moving for a Naga forum,” he added. The minister further said that for everything, leadership is important. Leadership means to show the way by going ahead, he explained. ‘A leader is like a choir music conductor using his baton or hands to conduct beautiful music because he is well versed with the music system and the various instruments,’ he added. Earlier, Health & Family Welfare Minister and youth wing in-charge Kuzholuzo Nienu emphasized that the need of the hour is “quality leadership.” The best qualities for good leadership include among others honesty, sincerity, discipline, punctuality, integrity and loyalty, he said. “Age is catching up with each and every one of us and (eventually) we have to hand over to the younger generation” Nienu said. It is for that reason the need to impart and equip youths with quality leadership, he added. Nienu also emphasized that one needs to develop work culture because without it, the future of the state is at stake. The state’s economy is suffering because Nagas have deviated from the ways of their forefathers who were honest and hard working, the minister said. Quoting the book of Thessalonians, he said to “work and eat and those who do not work should not eat.” Minister Nienu lamented that unlike the Americans, many Nagas have the notion of not going to office but expect pay and if action is taken against them, they tend to go to court. Unfortunately, “we demand to eat, we ask to eat, we threaten to eat.” Nienu drew instances from the United States of America which he visited on a three-week tour with Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio. Nienu said the American people there are fully self-reliant for whatever little odd jobs and do not depend on servants, drivers or bodyguards. They practice the concept of “what I can do for government,” Nienu stated. Thirty per cent pay of the Americans goes to the government while ten per cent are deducted as health insurance. In return, the American government also provides 50 per cent medical expenses, Nienu said. Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio will address the second session on November 18 at 8:00 AM.

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