‘Naga army’ on Reconciliation

‘Naga army’ on Reconciliation
Dimapur, February 13 (MExN): The “Naga army” of the National Socialist Council of Nagalim has expressed serious concern over the situation at Kiphire, Mekokla, Tuli and Meluri pointing out that the current scenario in these places “is not in the best interest of reconciliation and certainly against the join statement of the Naga Peace Summit, Chiangmai”. “These areas have been carved out as corridor by certain groups and passageway given for anti-national elements. This double standard dealing has to go if Nagas truly desired to reconcile”, stated a press note issued by “col. Levi Zimik” ‘PRO’.
The group has asked the Forum for Naga Reconciliation and concerned organizations to look into the matter so that reconciliation can be pursued earnestly without hindrance from other quarters. “Any untoward incident in the future arising out of such twofold commitment shall entirely rest with the group or groups,” the note stated.
Stating that Naga’s quest for peace was heading in the right direction under the aegis of the FNR, the note pointed out that having gained the mandate of the people and various organizations, the FNR had indeed accomplished much and that the Chiangmai declarations and many such sessions back home have taken place without obstacles from any angle. “The progress is certainly laudable. Naga army truly remains committed to the ongoing process of reconciliation.”
However, the note from the NSCN (IM) stated that it would be pointless to only look up to the FNR and wait for reconciliation to come around. “The concerned parties and various organizations must sincerely ponder as to how they can participate and contribute to this effort. Without genuine input from the people and the parties involved, no solution can be forthcoming,” it stated. At the grass-root level, everyone must ensure to create a conducive atmosphere and strengthen the process so that the “leaders can get together at the right platform,” it added.

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