A monthly bulletin

“Nagalim Voice” invites serious ideas.

The Ministry of Information and Publicity (MIP) run bulletin “Nagalim Voice”, circulated extensively within the ranks and file of NSCN comes a step closer to solicit the ideas of the Naga intellectuals, to take on the table of decision makers. Taking full cognizance of the churning ideas of the youths and the intellectuals in this information age, the MIP attempts to facilitate a platform of intimate dialogue with the leaders of the revolutionary government through “Nagalim Voice”. For your valued ideas, opinions and constructive criticisms, write at any length but in less than 1500 words, and e-mail at nagalimvoiceforall@gmail.com Also visit our website at www.nagalimvoice. com. The article may be reached on or before 25th of every month. KUKNALIM. MIP-GPRN.

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  1. yes ! this is what the youth needed to connect with the leaders. this is a great initiative. feel very encouraging. we know the enormity of the situation which will degrade if the leaders donot connect with the youth. aspiration of Naga is the youth first cause. GOD BLESS NAGALIM

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