The fervent and passionate welcome we came across the length of our journey to Peren has really touched our hearts. I would like to thank the Zeliangrong people for the warm welcome and your attention during the interactive session on “Peace and Reconciliation mission”. It is the bounden duty of all the Nagas to search their hearts together and decide what is best.
We are in the plan and purpose of God’s creation and He has given us Nagalim. He has given the best for our people and what He has given us is most valuable. But if we fail to understand the significance of this He cannot depend on us.
The foundation of all the nations lies in God and His purpose. To understand the reality of a nation we must dig deep into the past and discover the historical truth. Haipou Jadonang was persuaded why Nagas should not be subjected to the British or the Meitei Maharajas. He stood firm in his time. It was the right thing to do and it is imperative for us to understand and appreciate his philosophy and commitment. He had given his life and his all. Do we value what he had done?
Our strength today lies in the fact that we are one people irrespective of artificial state boundaries which divide us. Your people were one of the victims of this divisive state policy. Therefore, we must understand the past so that we save the future. Under no circumstances we Naga people must allow ourselves to be subservient to destructive forces.
Peace and reconciliation must be based on two national principles. First, doing God’s will and secondly, respecting the historical rights of the Nagas. Any other approach will endanger or destroy the rights and aspiration of the Naga people.
We have come to share the message of “Peace and Reconciliation”. Let us reconcile in the way that will save us and consolidate our history. We will appreciate your counsel and suggestion in the days to come. My Zeliangrong people your contribution to the Naga cause is not questioned. You were steadfast and loyal to the rights and aspiration of the Naga people.
We assure you that we will not betray ourselves, God and our nation. We will stand to the end.
May the good God bless you. Kuknalim.

Peren: 14th July 2010 Th. Muivah

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