Message to the Sumis

General Secretary


Pughoboto 24th June 2010

We have come seeking for you today to understand you and I am fully convinced when you say you have not wavered and stood firm for the Naga national cause. Throughout the hard times when we could not stay in my homeland Wung Tangkhul area, your people gave us food, refuge and protection for which I am eternally grateful.
Chairman Isak Chishi Swu is not here with us today yet, we are always one in our faith for the Naga nation. In the name of Jehovah and the national cause we have struggled together for more than 47 years. He took the decision to stand till the end, if Nagaland will be for Christ. We are united on two key foundations:1) The will of Jehovah 2) Our land and the National rights of the Naga people. We have not wavered from these two uncompromising principles.
Our national leaders including A.Z. Phizo, Imkongmeren, Kughato Sukhai, T. Sakhrei, Khodao Yanthan and others did not compromise the Naga national aspiration to decide the future of Nagalim. They did not fail in their time and their decision showed us the way and we are not a lost people. Yet again, with the formation of the National Socialist Council of Nagalim we did our best for Nagalim and for Christ. The Sumis gave their best and we truly value your contribution.
Today, our organization under the leadership of Isak Chishi Swu has entered into political negotiation with the Government of India (GOI) on three clear foundations respecting the Naga national rights, that is, at the highest level, without pre-condition and outside India in a third country. The Indian leadership also concurred that they are keen to have an early political solution that is honourable and acceptable to both. We will negotiate for an honourable solution based on the unique history and situation of the Nagas that was recognized by the GOI on July 11, 2002. We assure you that the peace dividend will be shared by all the Naga people.
When our nation is passing through a crucial phase and dangers lurk everywhere I consider it an opportune time for us to talk and exchange our concerns with each other and decide what is best for our people. We can jeopardize our fate if we are to accept all the ideas and the forces of changes that comes to us. The history of our nation cannot be interpreted according to the whims of any individual and nobody is above the national principles or righteousness. Therefore, it will be wise on our part to value and understand that Nagalim is God’s gift and remember that Nagas love Nagalim the best.
I and my team members recognize the rational wisdom of the Sumis in and around Pughoboto and appreciate your appeal for lifting of ban on the Sumi Hoho. We have come for peace and reconciliation and our Government in consultation with Chairman Isak Chishi Swu will take the necessary steps. We once again extend our deepest gratitude for the large-heartedness and openness with which you have invited me and my organization.

May God bless you. Kuknalim.

Pughoboto : 24 June 2010 Th. Muivah

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