Message to the Rengmas



I and my team are extremely happy by the heartfelt welcome accorded to us by the Rengma Nagas at Tseminyu. We welcome your commitment towards Naga reconciliation and your support for an honourable political settlement acceptable to both.
Going by the history, Rengma tribe is not at all a small tribe, it is a major and sizeable tribe but it became a victim of imperialist design and its homeland was dissected by artificial state boundaries. Therefore, at present they are found in the states of Assam and Nagalnd.You stand tall in terms of your contribution for the Naga national cause. When the history of the Nagas was taking a serious turn in 1975 with the signing of the Shillong Accord you did not make any mistake. You and your leader Whenha, first Ato Kilonser of the Federal Government of Nagaland did not waver. The decision of the Naga people was first, for their land and their national rights and second, Nagaland for Christ. Your people under the able leadership of the Rengma Hoho stood firm during the recent November 2007 crisis. You must know that you were a part of those important and decisive decisions. You have not failed in your time.
The most important legacy that we must leave behind is an honourable history. When many other nationalities had failed to take a correct decision the Nagas took the right decision at the right time under the leadership of NNC.
We are thankful to the Rengmas for welcoming our journey of peace and reconciliation to your land. Our survival as a nation entails unity on national principles. Reconciliation foundation must be based on that and every Naga must rally around that national principle. Our commitment to national reconciliation has been clearly defined by the 13th January, 2007 Naga reconciliation proclamation declared by Chairman Isak Chishi Swu.
The journey of reconciliation may be long but we are committed to stand till the end and at the same time respecting the Naga people’s wish we will continue to negotiate with the Government of India.
By the grace of our almighty God we have initiated political negotiation with the Government of India ( GOI) on three agreed foundations – at the highest level, without pre-condition and outside India in a third country. The GOI also had recognized the unique history and situation of the Nagas by the July 11, 2002 Amsterdam Joint Communiqué. India and the Nagas are also keen to have an honourable political settlement acceptable to both the entities.
Our brief stopover at Tseminyu has been a meaningful one. We believe in people who stand for the history of their people. I know your history and it is a good and opportune time for us to search for each other’s heart.
I believe in the Naga people because they have the final say. May the good God bless you all. Kuknalim.


June 25, 2010: Tseminyu. Th. Muivah.

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