muiOn behalf of myself and my organisation I thank the Angami Public Organisation (APO) for organising the “public interaction on Naga political journey” and we certainly believe that you have the cause of Naga nation in your hearts. In our journey of dialogue we must have the objective reality of the Naga people before us.
The Nagas were fortunate to have people who understood the change of season. The Naga National Council (NNC) and its leadership including AZ. Phizo, Imkongmeren, T. Sakhrei, Whenha, Kughato Sukhai, Khodao Yanthan and others were sufficiently aware of the inevitable changes that might possibly overtake the Nagas. There was no doubt at all that they took the correct decision and saved the Naga nation when several other nations were submerged on account of failing to take the right stand.
We value the momentous political choice of our people for free Nagalim and Nagalim for Christ? There is no other foundation for the Naga nation apart from these historic stands. Therefore, any Agreements or Accords which do not have the mandate of the Naga people cannot claim to represent the Naga people’s aspiration.
We are for reconciliation amongst the Nagas but it must be worked out on a realistic line that respects the sovereign aspiration of the Naga people. Therefore, first, reconciliation will be in the name of God because it is the way He wants us to take and that can be done through faith in Christ. It signifies our respect for the Naga national motto of “Nagaland for Christ”. Second, reconciliation should take the political approach hence, we must reconcile respecting the “unique history of the Nagas” which is now officially recognized by the Government of India in the Amsterdam Joint Communiqué of July 11, 2002.
It was a great honour for me and my members in the organization to pay respect to our departed leader President A.Z. Phizo. I tell you my Naga people, there is none greater than those who had saved the nation. President A.Z. Phizo was one of the guiding star of the nation. We attribute eternal glory to President A.Z. Phizo and all the other leaders.
We know that the Angami people can clearly understand us. Your contribution to the cause is indeed historic. Yet, it still must be sustained through strong resolve based on the Naga national stand. An opportune moment has come for all the Nagas to stand together.
May God bless you and may He continue to grand you wisdom to lead the nation even in the days yet to come.
Urra Uvie !!! Kuknalim.

Heritage, Kohima: 12th July 2010 Th. Muivah

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