Message of Collective Leadership

Our Message, Our voice

We are overwhelmed once again by the warm reception given to us by the Naga people! Your love and support have brought us thus far and we are only reminded of the collective strength of our movement, a people’s movement.

We take this time to remind each one of us, of the different roles we must undertake as we journey together towards our common goal, the one clear vision we have.

Youth and children, to whom we entrust our future, inherit the legacy of Truth, Freedom and Justice. Etch these values in your hearts and minds without which we have no reason for our existence as a people.

We thank our mothers and sisters who keep the hearth warm and burning. Let every hearth they lit guide us towards the right path.

Thanks to our grandparents, whose sacrifices have kept this movement alive, whose wisdom has guided us for keeping our stories and hopes alive! May the stories of our struggles and sacrifices never be forgotten. May it keep our future and vision alive!

If the “recognition of the unique history and situation of the Nagas” is translated into reality, the solution is not far off. While acknowledging the democracy of India, we can also assure that understanding the right of the Nagas to self-determination will only strengthen India’s democracy.

The NSCN stands by its commitment to unity through reconciliation. We earnestly appeal to you all to uphold the Covenant of Reconciliation based on “historical and political rights of the Nagas” in true spirit. Let us journey together towards our common destiny.


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