Condolence Message


National Socialist Council of Nagalim


       Dated: 09/04/2015


We are deeply shocked on learning the sudden demise of Mr. Keditsii Tsuziih, an honorable Member of the Collective Leadership of NSCN. He was one of the strong revolutionary leaders who had stood the acid test of trials and ordeals when the storms of traitors and reactionaries rocked Nagalim in general and Chakhesang region in particular. It was the spirit of Naga Nationalism that turned him from a teacher to a revolutionary and took him from the comfort zone to the harsh jungle life. Against all odds, he stayed the course in defending the cause of the Nagas without wavering. Today he has paid the price in full for us. Every Naga young and old should honor him.

We share the sorrow of the bereaved family members and dear and near ones. We pray for them so that they may grow strong in faith in days to come. Indeed we feel the pang of the life of a wife and children without her dear husband and their beloved father. However, you should neither fear nor dismay for our living Father will ever take care of you. Even if he is out of our sight he will always be remembered in our heart. We will also never forget his dearly loved children.

It is a natural phenomenon that everyone must go. We come into this world through birth and leave for heaven through death. Birth or death is not that matters, but it is the good work he has done in life. Since everyone is born with a divine mission one must set one’s footprint in the history. Our beloved leader Mr. Keditsii Tsuziih has gone into the pages of history.


Isak Chishi Swu


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